8 Best Beard Growth Products in 2021

Some men are born with genes that make it possible for them to grow a genuinely epic natural beard without much effort. Then again, you’re likely to find five to ten men who only wish they could develop such a beard with every man you see already has one, which presumably helps understand why beard transplants from people who’ve developed a beard don’t suggest you can see a transplant specialist right away.

Instead, you can first try to send some of the best beard growth products to see how they will help you reach your desired bearded condition. It’s not hard to find a whole variety of tablets, oils, creams, sprays and other growth products online, many of which appear to be able to make your facial hair growth develop thicker and fuller comfortably and efficiently. Many of these products appear to be nothing other than snake growth oil products that make huge promises of their efficacy without showing any meaningful effects other than lightening your pocket.

However, there are a handful of products out there that have been proven to be at least fairly successful and may give your facial hair follicles the boost they need, which is why we’ve created this guide to help you quickly locate the best beard growth product that could possibly function. Compared to facial hair transplants that battle hair loss—which normally cost a hundred thousand dollars and involve painful surgery—the strongest treatment is generally only $50 to $150 for a year’s supply. They’re all pretty easy to apply, only needing you to take medication or rub a substance or cream on your beard once or twice a day. There is no assurance, of course, that either of the products can give you the desired results, particularly after hair loss.

However, if you’re desperate to actually have the beard you’ve always dreamed about and easy to apply, then it’s certainly worth a try. After all, if they’re not working, you can still opt to get a beard transplant if it matters too much to you because if they’re working, you’ve only saved yourself thousands of dollars. Still, the best beard growth supplements are not only for those guys with weak or patchy beard hair, since several of the various tablets and other products can help every man’s beard develop stronger, fuller and quicker.

Why Can’t All Men Grow Full Beards / Grow a Beard?

Genetics is the primary determinant of whether or not a man may grow the best beard. However, diet and wellbeing both play crucial roles in growing a beard, since it is important that your hair follicles get enough of the necessary nutrients they need to develop strong, dense, complete hair. Your overall fitness level is also significant. Fitter males appear to develop more testosterone, which is what signals facial hair follicles to produce dense, bearded hair instead of thin peach.

However, it is primarily biology that decides just when these thick hairs develop, i.e. whether your beard grows thick and full almost to your eyebrows, or whether it grows thin and patchy. Still, even though the beard develops patchy, it’s not that there’s a shortage of hair follicles. Rather, some of the follicles stay inactive or are too frail and tiny to develop a dense, full-bearded beard.

A Few Considerations Before Buying The Best Beard Growth Products

Ingredient Safety

Without a question, product protection is one of the most critical considerations when purchasing a facial hair growth formula. As you can see in just a minute, many beard growth products come in a number of different types. If it’s a prescription treatment or a pill you take every day (or maybe many times a day), you’ll definitely want to consult a doctor before you make a purchase – particularly if you have some pre-existing medical conditions.

Beyond methods of implementation, several industries can rely on a mixture of ingredients to produce performance. Effective additives that businesses like to use can include basic vitamins (Biotin), FDA licenced drugs (Minoxidil) or purely natural remedies (palmetto). What may work for one man may not actually work for you – thus, when researching and testing beard growth products, their usefulness is very much on a case-by-case basis.


When we looked at all the common solutions to the growth of beard, we noticed that they come in five key categories:

  • Creams and lotions
  • Pills
  • Petroleum
  • Health Solutions
  • Shampoos

Here’s a little bit of info on each and how they can be more (or less) successful for you:


Beard growth creams and lotions are perfect for men with a patchy beard. Creams and lotions, which can be spread liberally to a small region, can reach deeper into the skin and should be able to provide reliable and tailored outcomes. One of the downsides to beard growth creams and lotions is that if your beard length is over a stubble, it may clumps in thicker facial hair – making the application phase a little trickier for others.


Beard Growth Tablets are a terrific alternative to some of the topical solutions since they can be administered orally and operate to supplement the diet and promote further growth of beard. Sometimes highly concentrated with the development of hair vitamins like Biotin, beard tablets are ideal for men who have less than desirable diets who usually have a slim or lighter-looking beard. Of instance, there is no targeted approach including a topical remedy for swallowing pills. Therefore, filling in certain areas of your face that are sparse may prove to be ineffective. We think the pills are better adapted to men with thin beards.


Beard oils are much like lotions or creams, except in a much thinner solution. Sometimes combined with carrier oils (i.e. jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, etc.) coupled with essential oils (i.e. tea tree oil, peppermint oil, etc.) beard growth oils will produce targeted effects while still conditioning the beard. On the basis of our study, quality beard growth oil would always depend on natural remedies to promote the development of beard. In addition to producing fresh facial hair, the best beard growth oil can help smooth and keep the beard from becoming itchy or dry.

Medical Solutions

Targeted medicinal solutions such as Minoxidil (the active ingredient used in Rogaine) have produced robust evidence with continuous application. Though not meant for your face (as the FDA initially only allowed for hair on your scalp), many men have ‘gone rogue’ and have successfully filled up broad patches on their beards. The main benefit of this approach is that it has been established to be effective through science-based testing, unlike many other options on the market.

Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

Beard growth shampoos and conditioners are ancillary products to be used in conjunction with a focused development of beard medication. Beard growth shampoos and conditioners also depend on extra antioxidants to make the facial hair appear thicker.


Based on our study, we noticed that most beard growth products ranged from $20 to $60. Naturally, the price differs based on the additives used (which are also priced higher on the grounds of science claims) along with the form of growth product (i.e. pills tend to cost more than beard growth oils). It is also worth noting that certain beard growth products need repetitive applications. You can then take a brief second and see what the long-term costs are when you pick up a development commodity.

Science-Based Facts

When it comes to identifying the best beard growth products that can yield validated outcomes, it is necessary to look at the empirical data to support company statements. Any of the most common active ingredients used in the best beard growth products are as follows:

  • Biotin’s
  • Minoxidil
  • Natural Remediation (Castor Oil, Palmetto, Caffeine)
  • Pantothenic Acids (to prevent greying of hair)

Here’s a quick summary of each of the active ingredients listed above, along with the scientific analysis that we found:


Used in countless shampoos, conditioners, supplements, and more, Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin (B7). In the subsequent research, it was found to be an essential vitamin for strong and healthy hair and nail development (source, source). Many tablets provide massive amounts of this nutrient to complement your daily diet if you don’t get enough vitamin B7. The NIH has officially confirmed that further study is required before deciding if Biotin can be prescribed for healthy hair growth (source).


The active ingredient in Rogaine, Minoxidil is one of the only licenced ingredients fory healthy hair growth by the FDA (source). Minoxidil won’t actually work on any of us and was designed for scalp hair regrowth only (not facial hair). Minoxidil needs continued usage for hair growth. Stopping therapy may allow the hair to fade away. Finally, you do not need a subscription to Minoxidil. You can purchase Minoxidil over the counter.

Natural Remedies (Castor Oil, Palmetto, Caffeine, Peppermint Oil)

The jury is still out on a variety of natural remedies – especially when it comes to hair growth. Promising findings are beginning to be released, such as this one, where researchers have discovered that peppermint oil is highly successful in promoting new hair growth. Provided that these oils are obtained from natural sources (i.e. plants, crops, etc.), the purity of the actual oil can differ from one organisation to another.

Pantothenic Acid

Although there is some documented proof of hair growth by Pantothenic Acid as reported here, the primary explanation why this active ingredient is applied to beard growth pills is to minimise the symptoms of greying your facial hair. While not an alternative to beard dye, Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) has been cited as the main vitamin to minimise (and in some cases restore) hair to its natural colour. If you are beginning to see any greys in your beard, you should be searching for this main ingredient in your best beard growth product.

Does Ethnicity Matter?

In our study, one interesting piece of knowledge we came across was that certain businesses offered tailored best beard growth products for men of various ethnicities. There is, moreover, no substance that would be more (or less) beneficial for one race over another on the grounds of our knowledge. We would also suggest adding very little weight on those arguments.

Where It’s Made

Before using any product, you should always do your due diligence – particularly one that you intend to eat. Although the US has very loose regulations when it comes to supplements, it could be riskier to buy beard growth pills manufactured in a faraway place, particularly if it is a business without a known track record.

Return Policy

The findings matter when it comes to beard growth solutions. No one wants to spend their money on beard growth products that really don’t work. As a consequence, all of the businesses listed in this guide have a 100% money back guarantee. This way, you will test them risk-free to see for yourself if you have some measurable beard benefits.

How Do Beard Growth Supplements Work?

While there is a large range of different beard growth products out there, most of them operate in the same way by supplying the necessary nutrients required to help promote healthy hair growth. In certain men, this is enough to potentially trigger latent follicles to create fresh bearded beard, allowing sparse or patchy patches to fill in. Even, this isn’t necessarily the case, since often there isn’t anything that can be said to resolve evolution. However, even if the beard supplements don’t really help fill the hair loss in bald spots, it does at least render the facial hair smoother and healthier. This, in fact, should help the facial hair look fuller. Therefore, even if your chosen product does not make your beard hair develop entirely, it can at least encourage you to attain a variety of smaller, more manicured beard types.

Best Beard Growth Products – Vitamins and Nutrients

Beard Grow XL

Here are lots of oral products out there that offer improved growth of beard, but few of them perform like Beard Grow XL. Filled with natural ingredients, The XL is hormone-free and has an outstanding track record of the development of beard. It also produces fast results, at least according to the company, and will give you a fuller beard in no time. The key of XL is its ingredients. It is riddled with vitamins (A, C, E, B1, B6, B12) and contains biotin, niacin, riboflavin, folic acid, and palmetto saw. We addressed the efficacy of biotin and palmetto on hair growth in previous articles, but all of them are worth revisiting:

Biotin – Also known as Vitamin H, biotin is water-soluble and one of the vitamins needed to cultivate strong, thicker hair. Chemical experiments – at least several, that is – suggest that biotin helps to stimulate hair growth. Biotin also has a beneficial impact on the skin and on your nails.

Saw Palmetto – Saw Palmetto is a natural supplement that blocks the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme that transforms testosterone to DHT – the hormone most closely related to hair loss.

The people at Beard Develop XL claim that hair growth begins from the inside, which is one of the reasons it comes in the form of a supplement. They also make their products successful for all ethnicities and hairstyles, and XL also increases the development density of the moustache, sideburn, and neck hair. Another factor of XL is that it does not contain dangerous additives and ranks among the best natural beard growth products. You’re not likely to suffer adverse effects from XL. It’s also worth remembering, though, that supplements like XL are most beneficial if the diet requires the vitamins and minerals they provide.

VitaBeard Facial Hair Growth Multivitamin

A leader in the beard growth supplement industry, VitaBeard is manufactured by Do Vitamins from Las Vegas, NV and features a well-rounded sum of vitamins on its packaging. Having a number of main vitamins and minerals, like both Biotin (1,000 per cent) and Pantothenic Acid (750 per cent), it’s got all the right things to keep the beard in tip-top form. But not only does Vitabeard contain a perfect combination of potent vitamins to promote the development of beard, label-conscious men would be delighted to hear that their capsules are also gluten-free and vegan. When it comes to other encounters with VitaBeard, the reception was usually very welcoming.

We find a lot of favourable responses on both the/r/beards and the Jeffs Beard Page. As far as the price of VitaBeard is concerned, the supply of 30 days at $1/day is very competitive relative to the competition. If you choose a U.S. made beard growth vitamins that has been trusted by men over the last few years, then try VitaBeard’s healthy beard growth vitamins.

Best Beard Growth Products – Oils

Beard Flux XL

One of the best beard growth products available on the market today is Beard Grow XL by Delta Genesis. If it comes to beard growth pills, Beard Grow XL controls all the boxes. Having a strong concentration of Biotin (667 per cent), Palmetto, Pantothenic Acid (200 per cent) and numerous other important vitamins and minerals to promote the development of beard, this is your best chance at developing a thicker and fuller beard in a very short time. Taken 3 times a day, this 90 capsule (1 month) supply can help you hop into your development of beard. Beard Grow XL is vegan/vegetarian for men out there who have food limitations while still remaining fully gluten-free.

Now it’s worth remembering that Beard Grow XL is only one step away from the bigger, detailed healthy beard growth package offered by Delta Genesis. If you think the beard growth pills produce less than satisfactory outcomes, it might be worth investigating their help products, which include the following:

  • Beard Flux XL (beard growth oil)
  • Beard Bolt XL (beard growth balm)
  • Beard Roar XL (beard growth shampoo)
  • Now, if you’re not swayed by the overly optimistic comments and the reviews of thousands of other guys, that’s all right.

Delta Genesis remains behind their offering and gives a 30-day money return guarantee.

Organic Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Castor oil has long been considered to support good hair and skin. Not only does it serve to moisturise and soften, but it also serves to improve airflow under the surface. In reality, it basically acts in the same way as minoxidil, which widens the blood arteries to improve blood flow. By enhancing circulation, the oil ensures the hair duct get more of the nutrients they need and thus promotes healthy hair growth. The oil often contains high levels of antioxidants that help improve the development of keratin to ensure that the hair grows thick and powerful.

While there are several different castor oil products out there, many of them are not 100% pure or processed using a cheaper process that dilutes the consistency of beard oil. We, therefore, endorse this 100% pure, cold-pressed castor oil since it has been confirmed to be of the best possible consistency.

Pura D’Or Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

Considered by many sources to be a fantastic beard oil and overall hair growth and thickness, Moroccan argan oil has long been considered to have a broad variety of hair and skin benefits. This beard oil is filled with large amounts of vitamin E, fatty acids and other valuable nutrients.

In addition to promoting good hair and skin growth, acne issues are often considered to be reduced and successful in the treatment of rough, itchy skin and hair dandruff (even beard dandruff). Compared to most other oils, argan oil is often less greasy and more readily absorbed by the skin and hair, rendering it less sticky and simpler to use. Simply rubbing a few drops of argan oil onto your face once or twice a day is a simple way not just to help strengthen your facial hair follicles, but also to increase the overall look and health of your face. However, in recent years, the industry has been saturated with bogus or inferior argan oil products, which is why we suggest this 100% organic argan oil from Pura D’Or.

Best Beard Growth Products – Creams and Conditioners

Beard Bolt XL

Though it’s simply a beard balm, Beard Bolt XL is far better than just the typical beard balm. Although it helps soften and nourish your facial hair as other high-quality beard balms, it also benefits from a range of essential oils that help stimulate and encourage healthy hair growth. In addition, it also helps make beards, moustaches and goats even simpler to form and style.

As far as growth of beard quality is concerned, most of the other products on this page would actually do better to improve the thickness and fullness of your facial hair. In the other side, if you’re searching for a high-quality beard balm that offers additional benefits to your facial hair intensity and wellbeing, this is certainly the best beard growth balm you can buy. That said, you’re going to need to pair this with the right shampoo and conditioner to deal with any beard problem you’re facing.

Best Beard Growth Products – Sprays and Liquids

Hoffman MD Beard Growth Serum

The manufacturers of this product claim that 92% of the participants in the clinical trial saw an improvement in the speed and thickness of their facial hair growth. Although we can’t tell for sure if this is really accurate, what we can say is that all the natural ingredients in Hoffman MD Beard Growth Serum have been shown to improve hair growth. Caffeine, biotin, palmetto and a host of other vitamins render this potent serum a must-have for anyone trying to improve their facial hair ability. Compared to certain oils and many beard growth products, this serum has the benefit of being quickly absorbed by the skin and hair to keep your face from being a greasy mess.

As well, it’s totally free of scent, meaning that there’s no fragrance to complement whatever cologne or other fragrance you carry. Both these considerations, though, would imply zero if the product did not really function. However, judging from the results we’ve seen and heard about, this could just be one of the beard growth supplements you’ve been waiting for.

Maxx Beard

Maxx Beard, another popular beard growth product on the market, is a potent formula containing biotin, niacin (vitamin B3) and a variety of herbal ingredients. However, while most of the other products on this list are all-natural, Maxx Beard is not, as it contains the chemical compound Kopyrrol. The drug has been shown to have similar effects to minoxidil, which helps stimulate hair follicles, increase blood circulation and open potassium channels within the cells.

Although Kopyrrol has not been approved as a hair growth treatment by the FDA, there is plenty of evidence to show that it works—at least for some men. The fact that Maxx Beard contains this compound potentially makes it more efficient than all-natural products.

However, on the basis of the reviews, it does not actually seem that Maxx Beard is much more effective than other beard growth liquids and sprays. However, while it may not work for everyone, Maxx Beard has been shown to be effective at least for some men, which makes it worth a try.

Bottom line

No matter the current state of your beard, be it thin, patchy, or simply not coming in at all, we think the products outlined above should help you to grow the beard that you want.

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