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Build A Tower, And They Will #ProveIt

By now you know that there are few things that light up our day here at B-a-B is community engagement and comments/pics/stories/advice from you all. We cherish it immensely and thank each and everyone of those that submit materials to our attention. You also likely know Riss and my obsession with Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr et al... so when these two interests blend, we really get to smile.

Today, we got a message on Facebook from a "Matthew Smith" asking us to jump in and get to commenting on a picture he took a few days ago that has garnered over 50 comments already (56 by the time we went to print), noting they are looking to test the realms of how high they can build their comment tower.

Surely, we HAD to see this... well, you know what... it was worth it (barely, as a lot of the comments seemed to come from Matt himself... tricky tricky), so here it is for your viewing pleasure.

So, go on and find this "Matthew Smith" on Facbeook, find the pic, and comment away! Let's see how far we can take this beast... You can thank us later Matt, way to #proveit

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