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Friends Let Friends #ProveIt

We love devotion -- if anything because commitment to facial hair of any kind requires at least that quality -- and of course one of our favorite forms of devotion is people reading B-a-B and partaking in our various #proveit for instance.

Take Amy Kundrat (aka @modernamy and the brains behind @ark_projects) a long time fan who could not attend the 2010 Beard Ball (which was a drag, cause she's awesome), but redeemed her absence by proving she was there with us in spirit, all the way in Connecticut. How did she #proveit from all the way over there AND as a girl?!? Well, she clearly read up on the Gothamist Extra Extra coverage of Beard Ball as well as was up on the rumors of stache vending machines making their rounds... Amy jumped on a fast Italian bike and raced over to the nearest Big Y for her very own 'Funky Face Disguise' to #proveit like a champ.

Sending us proof of not just her stache-y goodness, but also of the stache dispenser's existence... Supplementing your grocery store trip with 75 cents worth of stache on our accord?! Now that's real devotion! B-a-B salutes you Amy, rock on, ride on, and let your hubby scruff up ;)}}


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