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The Maximum #proveit Possible

It's been a while since we've done a #proveit post, and we've missed it... surely you have too. To jump start the process again, we wanted to share the most MAXIMUM #proveit possible... please meet Lyle Neff, the proud owner of the Terminal Length Beard, and a new fan of ours on Facebook. Sure, it sounds depressing, but it's actually an accomplishment... one unlike any we've ever seen before at Build-a-Beard.

Terminal values in math and finance imply a point at which continued growth stops; some even attempted to figure out an equation of Terminal Length of Body Hairs (you can find the 'hair raising' calculations here). But look no further, an actual picture of what a Terminal Length looks like for beards is below... this is Exhibit A, and we are submitting it as evidence. Lyle notes that he hasn't taken scissors or razor to his luscious beard since at least December 2008 (the photo below is from Dec. 27, 2009), but the growth stopped about middle of 2009... followed only by shedding, thus clearly reaching Terminal Length.

As we said on Facebook, you are our hero... this is not a feat that can be claimed by many, and likely not even by few... you are in a hairy league all your own. Chin up fellow beardo, and thanks for sending this incredible photo!

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