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Beards Make A Difference

Last night, BaB held our first ever Beard Ball in San Francisco! And thanks to the support from Lord British, Heathered Pearls, and a neighborhood blog, the night was a huge success for Brush Fire Painting. The money is still being counted between the various donation jars, but it's safe to assume that we brought in close to (if not a bit over) $500.00 for the local non-profit and also got to see (and purchase) some great pieces of art.

Go beards!
(Lord British rocking Beard Ball)
(Heathered Pearls)
(BaB founders)

San Francisco Beard Ball - August 15th

Summertime.... The gift of a few short months to showcase those fantastic beards & 'staches that you grew all winter or perhaps have been growing for years! Time to take a stroll down the block while your beard whips in the wind. Feel the power of your mustache as it withstands the heat & humidity! Or if you're in San Francisco, you're probably still wearing your scarf & heavy jacket... bundling up your beard, but you get the point....

B-a-B thought it would be the perfect time to collectively combine all the facial hair awesomeness in San Francisco (and wow, does this city have a lot of that!) and unite whiskers (and admirers of them) under one roof for the cause of raising some funds for a great local charity. So that's exactly what we're doing on Wednesday, August 15th. A $5 suggested donation will be asked at the door with all the proceeds from that evening going directly to Brush Fire Painting. Brush Fire Painting Workshops provides expressive painting classes to children and youth impacted by poverty, violence, and incarceration. They have been helping young painters unleash their creative potential in schools, community centers, and locked facilities since 2002.

Entertainment will be provided by Lord British (fantastic rock band) and Heathered Pearls (fantastic DJ). Special thanks to the incredible Dan Redding of Magnetic State for the kick-ass flyer.

Save the date - 8.15.12!


Mark Krayenhoff - Hail To The Brooklyn Beard King

As we happily announced last week, Mark Krayenhoff is Brooklyn's Beard Ball winner.  Mark is a fabulous architect in New York who recently granted B-a-B the chance to sit down for an exclusive interview with the man behind the glowing (but no longer growing) gray...  

How long have you grown your beard?  
I grew my first beard when I was 18, almost 34 years ago - and I’ve never been clean-shaven since.  I was crazy about facial hair ever since I was young and I was very eager to grow my own beard as soon as I could.  Over the years I’ve had a short beard, various forms of goatees, and for one summer, a mustache.

Mark in picture series - "My Beard & The Weather"

Have you always admired beards?   
Most definitely – it’s part of being a man!  When I was a young teenager in the 70's I was dying to have big mutton-chop sideburns (
think Engelbert Humperdinck), although they went out of style by the time I could grow them.  I always noticed bearded men like Glenn Hughes from the Village People, Kenny Rogers, Al from Home Improvements, or even Raymond Burr when he had a beard.

How long is the beard?  Is it still growing?
My beard reaches below my nipples.  The longest hairs are 14.”  It has reached terminal length, so it’s not getting any longer.  I was hoping it would reach my belt buckle like
ZZ Top but this is where it stops.  (My boyfriend has a beard too, so we get compared to them a lot).  Also, my longest moustache hairs are 4 to 5” so I use mustache wax to keep them out of my mouth.  It’s like painful dental floss if the hairs get caught in your teeth.

*Mark in picture series - "My Beard & The Weather"

Being an architect in NYC, how is your beard received by your clients and peers?
I’m lucky – I work in a small firm that does mostly high-end residential projects, so most of my clients are sophisticated, intelligent people, so it’s not a problem.  I can imagine that some of them are surprised when they first meet me, but they soon realize that I’m good at what I do, and I’ve never had a complaint. 
And for those clients who want something really new and original, I think my appearance is an asset.  They know they won’t be getting the same old thing from me.  It would be much harder if I worked in a big firm designing office buildings where the corporate culture was more conformist.

Who is your favorite famous beardo and why?
Jack Passion has a truly incredible beard – although I don’t think he’s famous outside of beard circles.

We noticed you were drinking beer at the 2010 Beard Ball... any advice on how to keep the froth from the 'stache/beard?
LOL – that’s a very good question!  You really have to change your way of eating and drinking with a big 'stache, but it’s more than worth it.  Once in a while I like getting beer foam on my 'stache so I’ll drink from a mug, but normally I only drink bottled beer to keep my mustache out of the way.  (And eating soup is even more of a challenge, because it’ll get in my 'stache at the same time that my beard is dipping in the bowl).

What did you enjoy most about Beard Ball Brooklyn, other than this honor?
It was great to have the opportunity to chat with other men about their beards.  I know it’s something that a lot of men think about, but they don’t often have the opportunity to talk with other men.  I often hear guys say they wish they could grow a beard, but their partner won’t let them, or they have to be clean-shaven for their job.  There is a lot of anti-beard prejudice out there, so it’s great to have a friendly place to talk about it.

Are you going to "go Beard or go home?!"


Here is a special tribute to Mark Krayenhoff's hairy life -- 8 historical photos of his progress from 1980 to the present – short beard, various goatees, and now his long beard.  Note: progression from brown to white.

1980 - Mark's 1st beard – 22 years old

1991 - "The 1990s were all about goatees" – 33 years old
1994 - "Experimenting"

1995 - "Another goatee"

1996 - The least facial hair Mark's ever had as an adult – a chin strip - 38 years old 

1997 - Mark growing his beard long for the 1st time

1998 - "A bit fuller" - 40 years old

2005 – "Going gray quickly now" -  Shortly after this, Mark ceased trimming his beard completely

2010 – 52 years old - Brooklyn Beard Ball Winner.  
Mark's beard has reached maximum length and is mostly white

Build-A-Beard would like to sincerely thank Mark for sharing his pictures - and allowing us insight into his awesome bearded journey. You make NYC proud, sir!


2010 #BeardBall Brooklyn WINNER!

As you remember (or perhaps you don't depending how much Firefly & Prohibition Distillery you consumed), B-a-B held a Beard Ball at Matchless on February 4th where we raised a little over $1,000.00 for RightRides.  Photographers Sean Hutcheon and Steven Berrebi helped to capture the DIY facial creativity of the evening, which we blogged about here.  

Finally, after close to 3 weeks of heated debates, crowd sourcing, and sorting through the 100s of photos from the evening, B-a-B has come to a definitive 2010 BeardBall winner (for Brooklyn).  Keep in mind, we are in the midst of planning the upcoming LA Beard Ball (timing TBD) in which our Brooklyn King will take on the ultimate bearded West Coast rival.  

Our Brooklyn choice - this bearded legend - caught our attention right away at Matchless.  He moved swiftly, with calculated grace, through the hairy crowds leaving many to turn their heads to stare in admiration and wonder.  Our winner certainly is made of a different kind of swagger - one unbeknownst to him.

Ladies and bearded gents, Build-A-Beard is proud to announce The 2010 Beard Ball winner:

Mark Krayenhoff - a registered architect in New York State (you might have seen his work Printed Matter -  the artists’ bookstore in Chelsea - or the Ultra Hair Salon on the Lower East Side) who has dedicated years to strategically growing one hell of a kick-ass and wise looking beard.  We are going to feature an exclusive interview with Mark in the upcoming weeks - so be sure to check back to learn more about this hairy God living among us mere mortals.  


2010 Beard Ball Photos #BestBeard

We have sorted, edited, and uploaded the best pictures of the night from the 2010 Beard Ball held at Matchless on February 4th.  Do you have a personal favorite?  Who had the best beard of the night?  Get in touch with us - let your opinion be heard - either leave a comment or tweet #BestBeard to @buildabeard.  Simply click on your favorite beard - right click the image & copy the image location - and tweet or comment with that link.  We will compile the Top 3 winners - and from there -  The Best Beard of Brooklyn will be crowned (and will go hair-to-hair in our upcoming West Coast challenge). 

Yet before we dive into the hairy goods, we wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank Sean Hutcheon and Steven Berrebi for donating their time & artistic talents to shooting the evening for us.  Sean Hutcheon is a traditional filmmaker, photographer, writer, and drummer who is based in Brooklyn, NY. Currently, he works freelance as a photo assistant and can be found at the School of the International Center of Photography. Sean is currently in the process of updating his Website and is working on a new project slated for summer/fall opening. To hire Sean for any upcoming projects (as he does shoot digitally), get in touch with him here.  B-A-B highly recommends this scruffy gent!

And without further ado..... The 2010 Beard Ball pics!


2010 Beard Ball Raffle Winning Tickets

Hello beardos & beard lovers!  If you were gracious enough to buy raffle tickets at the 2010 Beard Ball (which raised $172 for RightRides - rock on) please see below to see if you are a winner!  Please comment if you are a winner - and we will work to be in touch with you. 

Miss Lonelyhearts a gold clutch (value $125) --
Winning #: 0183012

Miss Lonelyhearts tote (value $35) --
Winning #: 0183106

Armour Beauty lip gloss kit ($115) --
Winning #: 0183187

Zipcar $25 in driving credit --
Winning #: 0183161 

Two Beard Poster (one each) By Michael Buchino (Beard Revue Founder) --
Winning #: 0183070
Winning #: 0183125

A Copy of Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk (VAY NER CHUK) --
Winning #: 0183145

1L Bottle of FireFly Sweet Tea Vodka (sponsor of Beard Ball) --
Winning #: 0183185

Dapper Men T-Shirt (a collection of 141 famous Men with facial hair) from ChopShop --
Winning #: 0183094
Winning #: 0183038 

Bearduary T-Shirt --
Winning #: 0183111

Put something (within reason, like your pic) “In My Beard” -- Winning #: 0183060 


The 2010 Beard Ball Raffle Prizes

As you likely know by now, B-a-B will be selling raffle tickets (a measly $1 per raffle ticket) throughout the night at Beard Ball, with 100% of the raffle proceeds going directly to RightRides... if you didn't, well now you know... either way, you want to know what's at stake here don't ya? Well, there are more than 10 prizes you can win (both for men AND women), so don't skimp on the charity; buy 2, 3, 4 or 5 dollars worth... you will not regret it.

Before we dive into the prizes themselves, B-a-B would like to thank all of the brands (and the people behind them) that donated their goods and services for the raffle. You all rock, and we could not have done it with out you, so from the bottom of our hairy heart Thank You!

*NOTE: The prizes are arranged by retail value, but this is by no means a ranking!



Bands of the 2010 Beard Ball

It has been said that behind every great song there is a strong beard (or perhaps that's what Max from Quiet Loudly stated in our interview that made us hug him).  Recently, the staff at Build-A-Beard had the opportunity to sit down with three incredible bearded bands who have graciously donated their artistic time and effort to playing The 2010 Beard Ball for free - in hopes to raise awareness and funds for RightRides.  As a reminder, you can purchase tickets ahead of time (which is highly recommended) as these bands rule & the event itself is surely going to sell out (our Facebook event RSVPs do not lie). 

9:00 p.m. Transatlantic FM.  

BAB: Transatlantic FM, when did your band start?  Did everyone have a beard at this time? If not, what made you start growing one?

TFM's Matthew Sapp: This band started last March when I moved up to Brooklyn from Athens, GA.  I had been friends with my band mate, Blake, for years and he and I had discussed starting another project together.   After months of hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and PBR; we finally decided on a name. Then we learned how to play our instruments (more or less), tossed together a few songs and put a couple of them up on the Information Superhighway.  

BAB: We like your beard, Matt.

Sapp: Confession - I
 am the only bearded band member.  Blake couldn't grow facial hair to save his life but, in his heart, he has a beard that would put ZZ Top to shame.  Our drummer, Mark, was letting his scruff grow, but emergency foot surgery has sideline him from the show.  As such, our multi-talented friend, Sean Hutcheon, will be filling in on percussion (in addition to providing his services as a photographer) for the Beard Ball.  I have a feeling that he will be sporting an impressive display of facial foliage by February 4th.

BAB: As the only proud beaded member, did your prepubescent band mate give you grief (prob out of jealousy) for growing one?

Sapp: I have worn a beard seasonally for the past couple of years and my band mates have always been very supportive of my bearded lifestyle choice.  They have even marched with me in the National Facial Hair and Biscuit Enthusiast Day Parade in Kooskia, Idaho last Spring. You know, it really brings a tear to your eye when you see a vast expanse of bearded and non-bearded people marching down Myrtle Avenue, holding hands and chanting: "We're here. We're hairy. Get used to it!"

BAB: Will you ever shave?   

Sapp: Of course - but probably not my face. 

BAB: Favorite bearded musician and/or hero? 

Sam Elliott in Roadhouse. Hands down.  No contest.  

10:00 p.m. Quiet Loudly (Sal Garro- drums, back-up vocals and Max Goransson- guitar, vocals)

BAB: Was it a band-decision to all sport beards?  Did anyone resist the idea initially?

Sal: Our beards were definitely not the result of any conscious decision within the band-- It just kind of happened.  I think our faces just feel naked without them.
Max: It wasn't a band decision so much as something we just knew we had to do without ever even talking about it.  Really, it was as obvious as picking up our instruments at band practice.  You come to play with a beard or you just don't come at all.  I mean, it's one of the elements that magically intertwines us.

BAB: What does your band's beard say about you? 

Sal: They say: 'We have beards.'
Max: They say: "We're here to work, Goddamn it.  And to get down."

BAB: Favorite bearded musician and/or hero?

Sal:Most recently, Jason Finn from The Presidents of the United States of America grew out his beard and it is by far one of the most immaculate I've ever witnessed in person.  But in terms of all time beard hero, even though John is by far my favorite Beatle, Paul McCartney's monstrous beard from the rooftop show is downright inspirational.
Max:Gotta go for the "All Things Must Pass" era George Harrison.  To this day, it is still unclear whether the album inspired the beard or vice versa.  But what we've learned is that there are no coincidences. Just beards and tunes.  Behind every great song there is a strong beard (except for in the case of talented women, of course). 
-- BAB: Good answer, Max... good fucking answer. 
11:00 p.m. Julius C

BAB: Your beards are pretty amazing. Did everyone have a beard when you started? If not, what made you start growing one?

Jason from JC: I might be mistaken but... I believe, at first we were just a bunch of dudes who really liked facial hair.  We would get together and discuss grooming techniques... the music was an afterthought.  On a serious note, only Mike and John had facial hair when the band started, and without any discussion, it just ended up that we all had beards sometime last year.

BAB: Tell us about your beards...

JC: The beard?  It is a life decision, not a band decision!  Yes, there were a few who resisted... but they are... how shall we put this... no longer with us. 

BAB: What does your band's beard say about you? 

JC: I'm pretty sure our facial hair styling mean something specific to each us. 
Jay's says: "Oh, hey there, don't mind me." 
Jason's says: "I play jazz."
John's says: "Fee Fi Fo Fum."
Mike's says: "I would look way younger without this."

BAB: How do you feel about shaving?  It doesn't look like you guys have touched a razor in years. 

JC: Mike shaved once - for money.  He cried a little on the inside.  Jay goes back and forth with the beard, but we know that the beard makes his face look better... (Don't tell him we said it though).

BAB: Do you have a bearded hero?  Musicians of interest?

JC: Jimi Hendrix/John Lennon... no explanation needed.


Save The Date: 2010 Beard Ball Announced

Hello Beardos!  Build-A-Beard is proud to announce The 2010 Beard Ball to be held on Thursday, February 4th at Matchless in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.   

What is The 2010 Beard Ball?
A place to show off your beards! And of course, B-A-B loves all facial hair follicles, so please note that if you have a mustache, mutton chops, goatee, or any form of DIY artistic facial hair creations - you are welcomed to attend!  In addition, if you are simply an admirer of facial hair - please come and stroke the egos and beards of those in attendance.  

Why should I attend?
Cause it's The Year of the Beard!  Plus it's only $5 to attend with all proceeds of ticket & door sales going to RightRides.  

How do I buy Advanced Tickets?
You can buy advanced tickets HERE.  We suggest you buy a head of time - as this event will sell out. 

What is RightRides?
RightRides is celebrating its 5th year anniversary!  
The program builds safer communities by ending gender-based harassment and sexual assault.  They work towards this by community organizing and offering direct service, safety education, and advocacy programs.  Read more: HERE.   

What time does The 2010 Beard Ball begin?
The evening kicks off at 8:00 p.m.  

I love alcohol.  Are there any specials that evening?  
Prohibition Distillery is offering a 8:00-9:00 p.m. specialty cocktail (for only $5) where all sales of the drink during that time frame will be going to RightRides.  Firefly Vodka has graciously offered $5 cocktails (until the cases donated run out!) where a percentage of drink proceeds will go to RightRides.  So please be sure to ask about the specialty drinks upon arrival to help raise funds!

21 +  We are hoping to see a lot of rikers.   

Who are the bearded bands?
9:00 p.m. Transatlantic FM 

10:00 p.m. Quiet Loudly

11:00 p.m. Julius C

I love winning prizes.  Will you have a raffle?
Raffle tickets will be sold throughout the evening for $1. Lots of local companies (and bearded ones) have donated gifts for the night.  Ask about this upon arrival & be sure to check out the raffle table.  

Additional details:

 ** B-A-B would like to send a sincere thank you to Magnetic State for donating time, energy, and artistic awesomeness in creating The 2010 Beard Ball flyer.  Get in touch with Dan


2010 Beard Ball

It's coming.... to Greenpoint....

February 2010.
Check back for further details in the upcoming weeks.



Beard Ball

NYC's infamous Bowie Ball is fast approaching, but figured it was worth taking a stroll down memory lane to highlight the best beard of the night from 2008.

It's going to be a hard one to beat in '09 due to the age and grey growth.

Drum roll.....