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Welcome to the party, NYT?

Well gosh... I wonder why it took the New York Times over nearly 5 years to arrive at this conclusion... and to be honest, we are not the least bit surprised it took this long.

Look, I get it. It's the New York *fucking* Times, the paper of record, but c'mon, the bandwagon is totally overflowing by now.This is perhaps just another example about the state of the media, and it's impending doom. Alas, you're welcome world. The brooklyn beard is here (duh), read all about it.

We announced 2010 (2010!) as the year of the beard. It's 2014, the beard decade is nearly halfway over. Welcome to the party, you just became that guy or girl too engrossed with their own appearance that they showed up to the party when everyone is already passed out from having too good a time, without you.

The water is still warm... I guess you can dive in; f you can avoid all the others already swimming about.

The Brooklyn Beard Goes Mainstream


2011 Off to a Hairy Start... Keep it going.

Per our Facebook post before the ball dropped, we here at Buildabeard are wishing a...

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Here's to an even hairier 2011, and to many many more years of scouting beards, staches, goatees and everything in between. Thank you all for an amazing 2010!

(photo credit:

2011 is off to a hairy start, so let's keep it going! Note, this man from a western Indian city of Ahmedabad, is in the early running of beardo of the month... kudos, sir.

Much love, much fuzz, much any and everything you beardos desire...



El Beardo and Riss


Top 5 Beards at the Golden Globes

Before we jump into our round up, we'd like to point out one thing... there were undoubtedly more beards on a red carpet since the heyday of Hollywood or at least since last year's Beard and Mustache Championships... to us last night's awards event serves as just another example of the "Year of the Beard," we hate to tell i told you so... but we did, you know it.

The credit goes to Pop Candy and USA Today for making the first round up (their top 10 can be found here), for tackling this important ranking and helping us with the perspective on last night's facial fuzziness -- which Whitney Matheson called "last night's must-have accessory" -- and also to for last year's round up (which can be found here).

Now that the accreditation formalities are out of the way, below are the winners and our top 5 (with a tie for 5th)... enjoy, and know that we know beards, so why argue...?

  1. William Hurt -- Best All Around
  2. Jon Hamm -- Best New Beard
  3. George Clooney -- Best Salt & Pepper
  4. Vincent Kartheiser -- Best Two-Tone
  5. Jeff Bridges/Robert Downey Jr -- Best Goatee(s)

1. This magnificent facial mane was surely used as a distraction from crap on his shoulder... success!

2. If you will it, they will come with an awesome beard... YES!

3. It's George... with a beard... what's not to love... it's GEORGE!

4. Well, whatever this is, we think we like it... probably have to, Mad Men and all...

T5. We just love both of you dudes... and unlike beards, goatees rule only as much as those they are attached to.