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Sunday Morning Cartoons

We like traditions at B-a-B, and good thing there is a TON of great animation out there, so we're able to continue last week's trend... besides, don't say you don't like nor appreciate it. Beards, presented in cartoon form and on a day off; three of the best things in the world combined into one hairy, weekly post. Sit back, bask in the fact that it's just Sunday morning, grab some coffee and enjoy! 

The first is a cute (and informative) teaser of toxicjOEcartoons 's The Adventure Beardcomb! Says it should've been available this past summer and yet we can't find a trace of it... sad, and we do feel teased.

We particularly like the second video (via fayheady), not just because of its lovely elevator type, uber peppy chorale music in the background, but mainly because of the beard that fights back against those that wish it to be shaved... right on hairy brother; needy significant others take notice. 

The last one found us by way of, Beardo creator himself, Martin Fletcher and it's on the longer side (over 20 mins) because it's a full episode of Dexter's Lab, titled A Beard To Be Feared. Brilliant indeed, thanks for passing it along. 

Well that'd be all folks, hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday and what remains of the much needed recovery from the weekend's escapades. Chin up y'all!