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Happy Boxing Day... you wanna fight about it?!

To our dear friends in the United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago and some other Commonwealth nations... HAPPY BOXING DAY!

To all the rest... wanna fight about it?!




PS In the meantime, get this awesome stache fightin' T from Etsy (where else):


For Some, Even Facial Hair Doesn't Help

New York Jets 'quarterback' Mark Sanchez clearly didn't learn the lesson about being aware of his surroundings on the field... you of course remember the Butt Fumble against (YOUR) New England Patriots, oh that was great... this time it was on the sidelines, when Jets guard Willie Colon sneaked up behind Sanchez and slapped his ass, only slightly less hard than Sanchez slapped (retired) Jet Brandon Moore... with his FACE.

Anyway... the thing is, Sanchez was sporting a pretty bitchin handlebar stache, maybe that's what attracted his teammates so much to slap his ass, but then again... there are some people, a few sad souls, whom facial hair just doesn't help. You be the judge, click on his (ass) face for video... if you dare.


Game, Set, Mustache

You don't want to get in between an activist and their cause, nor should you want to strip outside on a breezy February morning in NYC... but, you should want to commend Holly Van Voast (who the NY Daily News describe as a "46-year-old serial stripper") for her killer stache.

Thanks Holly. Lesson learned... When your point cannot be made by writing, scream; when screaming wont help, get naked. When nudity just wont cut it... don a fake stache (if you can't grow one).

Kudos, way to #proveit.




Brand Bowl Misses the Mark -- Will Ferrell to the Rescue

So, the Super Bowl is over, the more bearded team won, Colin Kaepernick will finally be forced to grow an actual beard vs. his awkward 'goatee'... all good things right?

Well, the commercials this year were something dreadful... really uninspiring (e.g. sleeping with horses sounds horrid; God didn't create farmers, he WAS one, Adam just pilfered his crops!), disengaging and most of all hairless. This is a shameful representation of our culture, and the bearded and facial hair arc we all know we are at the apex of (or better yet, climbing toward). This was a missed opportunity...

Unless you lived in a small part of the United States (tiny portions of Texas, Oklahoma and Montana, or perhaps Sweden)... then you saw a Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee commercial during your version of Super Bowl XLVII. Thanks Yahoo! News (and  of Shutdown Cornerfor the find. Enjoy the below folks, really, let your inhibition go and let the ad take you to that special, warm place... a place, with mustaches and better kissing abilities than Bar Refaeli.

P.S. This awesome stache on Mr. Ferrell almost makes us forgive his shaving of Conan O'Brien's chin mane... almost.


Big (stache) Ben


Kudos to our mustached brethren across the Atlantic... this is freaking amazingly awesome. Grow it out, grow it proud!

credit: Getty Images


Best Reason to Vote

The Economy? Jobs? Foreign Policy? Healthcare? Energy Independence? No... Helping avoid beard or moustache-cide, especially during Movember.

Look, we're not going to baited into the political discussions of he said or what the other guy said, all we know is that David Axelrod, a senior adviser to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, said Wednesday he will shave off his 40 y/o mustache on national television if Obama loses Minnesota, Michigan or Pennsylvania on Election Day.

Here's a clip of the testy proposal on Joe Scarborough, the host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”:

So... MN, MI, PA... the ball is in your court, or on your chin and upper lip that is. You know what to do... #proveit.


ESPN's Progressive Stache

Logging in earlier today I couldn't help but notice a fast paced, hairy looking promo for some gambling, betting, insurance product? That can't be right... was it something about cash for staches... insurance for facial hair...? Color me confused.
Upon some googling, and internet super sleuthing, what i found is a campaign by Progressive insurance and ESPN called 'Streak for the Cash.' A fantasy betting game, where one must choose from a list of various team matchups across different sports, and participants must predict the winner of one of the matchups. If you build the longest streak you win... moreover if you beats the Progressive Messenger for monthly wins, you win even more cash.

Still confused what mustaches have to do with this... well, the Progressive Messenger is the one with the stache... this smells of facial hair bandwagon-ing, reeks! Well, in lieu of the real (looking) mustache on the dude, we'll let this slide, this time.


Sarah Silverman's Hairy Lips

Our latest follow on Twitter, may also be our favorite.

What say you Sarah? Does the carpet match the drapes? This and much much more, if you grant us an interview about your choice to go natural... c'mon, #proveit!



Donnie Wahlberg tweeted this photo of himself and fellow New Kids on the Block members. Did you notice the matching mustaches or the shirtless bathroom setting first?



@SteveCarell's 'Hairy' Entrance

Steve Carell is on twitter! And his picture is mustached... even if it's not a beard, and totally fake, it is black and white and exquisitely old school, so we love it. Welcome to 2006 Steve, come on in the water is warm.


Blood Sugar Sex Mustache

Red Hot Chili Peppers have just released their video for the first single off of 'I'm With You,' the troupe's latest album... Love it/them or hate it/them (the new guitarists is a robot, we are sure of it), what we absolutely love is the now permanent (and prominent) stache on the upper lip of front-man Anthony Kiedis. Kudos!


Mustache Hope

"The time is always right to do what is right." Martin Luther King Jr

Honoring the memory of Dr. King we often forget, the man also rocked a pretty amazing stache... we musn't forget Dr. King's willingness to not conform to the fresh faced madness of the 50s and 60s and rock what he wanted, when he wanted, because it was the right thing to do... The memory of his daring actions, ideals and ideas should linger longer than one day a year.


Tyrannical Hirsute-ness

All praise be to Sacha Baron Cohen and his forthcoming new film The Dictator. Cohen, who plays a Middle East dictator who is very well represented in the hairy chin area... Keeping up his support of facial fortitude he started with other characters from such classics as Borat (stache) and Ali G (chin strap).


We approve this movie, without support of the actions Cohen is so capable to pretend to endorse... Tyrants are bad, beards are good. Dont blame the beard and enjoy the show!


Stache 2012

We have always said at B-a-B that facial hair transcends politics. Our love and devotion to promoting global hirsute appreciation goes beyond and above any other social issue (or fiscal)... that said, it should be the goal of all beardos and stachemates to eliminate pogonophobia from all corners of the world. Arguably, the best way to do this is to elect officials with facial hair.

Those mates are hard to find (and even harder to find are the gals)... but, we have found one. If you haven't met or heard of him yet, please meet Herman Cain, he is currently running for president of the United States. Like or dislike his politics, or that of his GOP compadres (all of whom, including Michele Bachmann) are facial hairless.

Herman, who recently won the Florida Straw Poll, you have our support... just don’t shave. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can grow for your country.


Bubba Smith, Stache God, NFL Star and Actor... Dead at 66

Long live the stache of Bubba Smith, long live Moses Hightower... we will miss you greatly. RIP you glorious Stache you.




Welcome to the US Spotify, Way to Prove It

So, Spotify has finally hit the US... The award-winning music service that’s taken Europe by storm has now come to U.S. shores. Millions of tracks ready to play instantly, on your computer and your phone. the site boasts it's awesomeness by this tagline gen: Any track, any time, anywhere. And it's free!

That's cool and all, but what's cooler is this 'about' video who's lead role is a stached drummer! From this day forth, to us, you will be known as Stachify. Way to prove it brethren.


Heavenly Staches -- BEHOLD!

Thanks to our friendly scout Peter Ha from The Daily, we have been alerted to signs from the above and the many greater forces than man (and some women) in suport of facial hair. If you had any reasons to doubt that there is something greater out there, somewhere, consider this your pie in the face.

First came this from Peter:

Followed by this via the Googles:

Then this...

Then THIS:

 And finally this gem:


Way to #proveit Stache Gods... beard Gods, you're on next.


#mugshotmonday & #mustachemonday

Picture is worth 1000 hashtags.

Have a happy #mugshotmonday, #mustachemonday and #stupidweekday. Stay strong and hairy.



10Qs with a Stache-o Ben Davidson

Ben (or Benjamin as facebook calls him) Davidson is a man who needs an introduction... his stache however, does not.

At the 2009 World Championships, By Mathew Rainwaters

I first met Ben back stage at the National Beard and Moustache Championships in Bend Oregon this past summer, and his stache followed him everywhere, so i met it too, and what a stache it was... while of course not a match to the winner of the natural stache category in Bend, Ben's tache is something to behold, envy and of course in our case, commend.

This gent is a quiet yet fierce competitor whom has taken the gold (and bronze) both nationally, locally and even internationally (full scorebox for Ben's stache is as follows, all for natural stache category: 1st place, 2009 NYC BMC; 3rd place, 2009 World Championships in Anchorage AK; 1st place, 2010 Coney Island BMC; and most recently 1st place in the 2010 Ohio BMC, Dayton OH).

Given this track record and this being the month of the stache (Movember), we decided to award Ben the coveted (and arbitrary) title of "Beardo of the Month!" I sat down with Ben and talked bearding (or stache-ing), grooming, thunder, arm wrestling, and much much more... read on!

When did you first grow or start growing it? how long as it been since your upper lip saw any sun?
I started growing facial hair in 2007, I think. I had a small beard for a while and then shaved that off leaving just the stache in the summer of 2008. So it's been about 3 - 3 1/2 years since my upper lip saw some sun. 

How'd you get into competitive bearding (or staching in your case)?
I basically just happened upon an ad for the First Beard and Moustache Competition in Coney Island, NY in September of '08. I really had no intention of entering the contest, and just wanted to check out some crazy and hilarious facial hair. When I got there everybody said I should enter, I did, and won first place in the natural moustache category. That spurred me on to go to future competitions.

The staches are always well represented at competitions, but think often also get a back seat to the beards, why is that?
I assure you, I don't know. I suppose it could be because it can take a lot longer to grow an immense beard. I can grow my stache out in 6 months or so. Also beards are easier to see from a distance.

Aren't you happy/thankful that (THE) Jack Passion trims his stache and does not (yet?) compete in your category... be honest.
Haha, I love Jack's beard as most people do, but he derives most of his power from his beard's immense volume, and the fact that said volume is bright ass orange. If he were to shave down to just the stache he would lose some of his shock and awe. I think it would be a pretty close competition between us. I don't think I've ever seen a large orange handlebar moustache. That would be pretty sweet. But I suppose in the end, I'm pretty content with him competing in the beard category.

You had to arm-wrestle a guy at the Coney Island BNC for your title... not quite the traditional way to win, but it seemed to work in your favor (what was the age of that guy, 95?). Do you like traditional rules of say the national Competition or those on the local circuit like at Coney Island?
No way, that guy was 75 at the most! I'll take traditional rules any day. At least arm wrestling could be considered kinda manly. If anybody asks me to start singing and dancing it's over for me. I don't go there.

Let's talk grooming... Your stache is glorious, and it really really suits your face... how'd you train it to do what you want, or are you just blessed with the coveted stache gene our scientists are working tirelessly to isolate?
Well, I could go on all day about this, but I'll keep it short. I do have good moustache genes cause my hair grows fast and really straight. If you have really straight hair and a somewhat thick moustache, you can probably have a moustache similar to mine. Anyway, make sure you condition it in the shower but not too much. I have to find a happy medium, if you condition too much or too little, it frays out a lot and is harder to manage in general. Immediately when I get out of the shower I smooth it into the general shape, and put two little clips into it to hold it back away from my mouth. I leave them in just a few minutes then take them out and add some lotion. Regular hand moisturizer will do, you may have to try a few different kinds to see what works best. That's basically it. If you want to know more, hit me up on facebook or at a competition.

Seriously though, what are top 3 tips you can give on stache growing and upkeep?

  1. When you first start growing your stache, don't trim the hairs that grow from the middle of your lip. There's an awkward period when all those hairs will go in your mouth, which is kinda a pain in the ass. If you stick with it though, they will get long enough where you can spread them to the sides and they stay out of your mouth 90 percent of the time.
  2. Stay Healthy. If you're healthy, your facial hair will grow faster and more luxuriously. Have you ever seen a really fat guy with a terrible beard?
  3. Try using Elmer's glue to hold your styled stache in place. It dries in seconds and holds better than any wax I've ever tried. It washes right out with water, is non toxic and safe for kids.  

Who are your top 3 stache wearers through the years?
Rollie Fingers for sure… Ben Davidson (a football player from the 60's and 70's, he had a great stache)… I don't know... Tom Selleck?

It's Movember, or nearly the end of it, why do you think it's the staches that get the largest facial hair donations to charity each year? Our good friends at Bearduary is a distant second, but overall Movember is in a class all its own... is it just because its' easier to show the growth progress on a daily basis with staches, or is there something magical in the wax?
Because moustaches are funnier? Maybe because you have to make a concerted effort to grow a moustache. You could accidentally grow a beard, but you have to make the effort of shaving most of your face to have a stache. Also, people just want an excuse to grow a moustache.

Would you ever shave yours and start again if you couls have some high paying sponsors?
Oh Hell yes! I'd do it for low paying sponsors as well, if anybody has an offer.

Are you going to bring the thunder for the New York BMC?
I will be in attendance although, I'm still undecided about bringing the thunder…


P.S. While Ben's stache is amazing, and awesome, and hairy and all that... dont be fooled, Ben can grow a pretty sick ass beard too. Kudos!


Start Wearing Purple (and staches)

In honor of today's (

Gogol Bordello, a Gypsy punk band from (where else) Lower East Side NYC, Mr. Eugene Hütz.

To you ladies and gentlemen of the Gogol Bordello, and to your song Start Wearing Purple, kudos... you are our beardo(s) of the month! take a bow!!!

P.S. To be fair, we want to commend the whole band for their style, but more importantly for having nearly 75% of their male members for having some sorts of facial hair, KUDOS!