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By now you know... Adam "MCA" Yauch of Beastie Boys fame has passed away. We mourn him not only as a musical trailblazer, fellow tribesman, a great axeman, sick rhymealogist or a Brooklyn brother... we mourn him as a fellow beardsman. Even in the early days (see at the bottom) Adam was scruffy... and toward the end he was a full beardo. We will miss you, and sing your laurels for years to come, MCA. Rest in Peace.

FoftheC + PandtheB = Beardy Goodness

"And when you're on the street / Depending on the street / I bet you are definitely in the top three..."

As you may or may not know, we love both kiwi folkers Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement, of Flight of the Conchords fame… we love them each for different reasons. Jemaine for the burns and Bret for the beard; Jemaine for his classical guitar skills and Bret for his steel string strumming; Jemaine for the baritone and Bret for the shrieks... but now, well... honestly, we're just confused.

This was the beard god of FoftheC:

Now, thanks to the kind consent to share this shot from a few days ago from our good friends Pearl and the Beard, this may be the new beard god of the duo, judge for yourself...

Photo credit: Marianne Ways



Taking Scruff To a New Level

"Meet hundreds of thousands of SCRUFF gay guys in your neighborhood and around the world. Some SCRUFF guys are bears, some are jocks, and some are just guys."

We are all attracted to different types, but for those looking for a thick beard or just a lil' 5 o'clock shadow, SCRUFF appears to be a great app for you - a location-based tool to help you find bears in your area.  Even more amusing?  You can send a “WOOF” to a new friend or see if you are compatible without even having to strike up a conversation!  Every guy likes to be barked at, right?  We're not so sure about this feature; however, we're encourage by an app that focuses on the scruffiness of men.  

According to Appolicious: "Promoting itself as a social application for the “gay bear community,” SCRUFF starts much like any other social networking app or site, with the creation of a profile. Enter details such as ethnicity, occupation and location, and then upload a headshot." You can find them on Facebook and/or Twitter.  
Anyone have experience with this app?  Two beards up or down?