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Beard Accessories: Google Glasses

According do the The Independent, the following gentleman was spotted in NYC subways... stealthily riding the bowls of our concrete jungle with a stylish black zip-up top, a black beanie and a smirk on his face, attached to a lovely salt and pepper beard.

The smirk may have been tied to the fact that he was experiencing the world in a new light, under a new form of data digestion, and perhaps even augmenting his reality. It was one Sergey Brin, founder of Google. We are by no means endorsing Google, or their wacky glasses, but hey... with that beard, all the accessories he has on, are looking better and better.

Looking good Sergey, looking good...


Our Favorite Salt & Pepper Squatter  

Cousin Eddy's antics from National Lampoon's "Vacation" or (my personal favorite) "Christmas Vacation," runs more parallel to Randy Quaid's personal life than previously suspected.  Just as Eddy was a fun loving, mooching, self-absorbed, and often times "mistaken" character, Quaid is not far behind.   

A salt & pepper bearded Randy Quaid (we love it!) and his wife, Evi, were arrested this past weekend - with a $10,000 bail - after they were found living in a guest house on a million-dollar property Quaid once owned. 

The couple was booked for investigation of felony residential burglary and misdemeanor entering a building without consent.

The Quaids were released on bail early Sunday.

Guilty or not, we support Randy's rockin' beard!