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2010 Los Angeles Beard Ball

I am still recovering from my LA trip so I will have more to write once all the tea, wheat grass, smog, and soy cappuccino x's 100 have stopped fogging up my mind.  That said, I wanted to update the previous post I wrote about LA vs. NYC.  Originally, I had intended to use my weekend trip to Los Angeles to compare/contrast beards from NYC's upcoming 2010 Beard Ball; however, it became quite evident that this would not be 100% fair.  How could 3-days in LA ever compete against the biggest event to hit Brooklyn on 2/4?  Perhaps I was setting up LA to lose or perhaps... maybe... I didn't believe that the city had anything facial hair worthy to offer my eyes..... (Note: it was definitely the latter).

But then I met Brad face-to-face (and his beard is real - I pulled it for #proof) and realized quickly that something bigger - something better - something to even the playing field most be done... so as such, upon discussing details with El Beardo, B-A-B is happy to announce that come spring/summer 2010 we will be having a West Coast BEARD BALL in Los Angeles!  And from that night (a local, niche LA charity will also be announced), we will raise funds & toast beards --- and our Brooklyn 'Beard of the Night' winner will go up against LA's hairiest.  The Twitter and beard communities will vote and B-A-B will weigh in... and the East Coast/West Coast rivalry will have it's shining King of Beards.

SO ATTENTION LA: Get the silicone & saline out of places it does not belong & listen up!  I am telling you about the spring/summer soon-to-be-officially-announced-with-all-details-Beard-Ball now so you have time to grow!  I still have my money on Brooklyn.  That said, check out Dan Lawler, co-manager of RBar's sweet
'stache that he calls "FuManChu-to-Infinity."  This 100% helped to solidify that the LA Beard Ball is a must.  We hope to have it at RBar once we work out some ideas.  And yes, Dan was even wearing this exact outfit on Friday night. #LAIntensity