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Game, Set, Mustache

You don't want to get in between an activist and their cause, nor should you want to strip outside on a breezy February morning in NYC... but, you should want to commend Holly Van Voast (who the NY Daily News describe as a "46-year-old serial stripper") for her killer stache.

Thanks Holly. Lesson learned... When your point cannot be made by writing, scream; when screaming wont help, get naked. When nudity just wont cut it... don a fake stache (if you can't grow one).

Kudos, way to #proveit.




Beard Accessories: Google Glasses

According do the The Independent, the following gentleman was spotted in NYC subways... stealthily riding the bowls of our concrete jungle with a stylish black zip-up top, a black beanie and a smirk on his face, attached to a lovely salt and pepper beard.

The smirk may have been tied to the fact that he was experiencing the world in a new light, under a new form of data digestion, and perhaps even augmenting his reality. It was one Sergey Brin, founder of Google. We are by no means endorsing Google, or their wacky glasses, but hey... with that beard, all the accessories he has on, are looking better and better.

Looking good Sergey, looking good...


Braun's NYC Demographics

Thanks to the myriad of beard scouts we have out in the field, whether they are aware of their roles or not (in this case Mido Aboshihata aka @mid0 is not) we find or stumble on awesome gems... we love them even more if they are in New York or San Francisco (B-a-B home markets)...

Check out this awesome (and accurate) ad by Braun, a frenemy of B-a-B, near NYC subways.

Dear Braun, we'd support you buddy, if you ditched the 'shave' part of this 'business strategy' of yours... style and trim is ALL you need. Take note, Braun... if that is your real name.


How Do You Brush Your Beard?

With utensils or a proper comb?

(Via BuzzFeed)


Frightened Rabbit - 10/30, NYC

Frightened Rabbit, Build-a-Beard's favorite 'stache band, is coming to NYC tomorrow night. 

Considering the band has been on the road for the past 3 years, nothing makes us happier than when they visit The Big Apple..... except for when Scott graciously asked us to meet with him for some friendly facial hair banter, a special "Tonight's Beard" exchange, & perhaps a few photos prior to them taking the stage.   

LIFE IS GREAT!  Follow us on Twitter - we'll be uploading photos & commentary on Saturday night. 

Riss & Alex


Beard Head!


It's December in NYC and it is freezing, but whether you're sporting a clean face (ew) or rockin' out with some beard love... one needs protection from the elements... and what better force to protect your facial hair (or fake like you have it) then the Beard Head. Yes, you read correctly - the Beard Head.
For just $29.99 you can purchase a knitted beard face in numerous styles, colors & cuts - pirate, lumberjack, etc (or our personal favorite - the yellow viking).
Check out: and place your holiday order now. PLUS there is also a pink beard for the ladies.