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A Hacker Moustache

Moustache month has nearly concluded. Over the past 28 days, we've been inspired to see so many Mo Bros rocking 'staches and even this woman (who suffers from hirsutism) sporting one for the awesome cause of men's cancer research.

Not surprisingly, SoundCloud - the world's leading social sound platform that rocks on an average work day - has absolutely grown it for Movember. Check out the amazing pics below of my colleagues who are raising funds:

From top down: Alexis, Tomás, Marco, Ed, Ele, Corey, Deepak, Jami


Android Figurines & Glorious Mustaches

Collect them all!

Toy Solider: 




Lower Taxes, Beards and a Movement for the Ages

By Dr. Aaron Perlut

When the Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776, Americans understood that we were endowed by our creators with inherent and inalienable rights; among them being life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We were also afforded a freedom from unfair taxation, and with this in mind, on President’s Day 2012 theAmerican Mustache Institute launched the most important tax-mitigation initiative since the founding fathers created our system of government.

It’s called the “Million Mustache March,” which you can learn more about at It aims to support of the proposed Stimulus to Allow Critical Hair Expense Act – legislation conceived by noted tax policy professor Dr. John Yeutter. If  adopted, it would provide an annual $250 tax refund to people of facial hair for expenditures on mustache grooming supplies in the determination of Adjusted Gross Income.

Here’s how you can support this very important movement:

· Visit where you can add a past presidential mustache to a Facebook photo;

· Or, Join the American Mustache Institute in Washington, D.C., on April 1 for a physical march of one million

Mustached Americans from the U.S. Capitol to the White House.

To show their support of our people, for each person who participates – either on Facebook or in the March – H&R Block will make a contribution to Millions From One, which delivers clean drinking water to those who cannot obtain it themselves. 

Why is this so important?

Facial hair and government have not been easy partners. There have been only nine U.S. presidents with facial hair – none since William Howard Taft. There has not even been a Mustached American major party candidate for President since Thomas E. Dewey in 1948. There are currently just 34 people of facial hair in the U.S. House of Representatives, only North Dakota’s John Hoeven in the U.S. Senate, and 26 states without facial hair representation.

Despite these statistics, America has always relied on people of facial hair to improve good looks, as it’s been proven that having a beard or mustache increases handsomeness by 38 percent. 

But those good looks came at a cost – in the form of American-made facial hair grooming products like beard and mustache trimmers, hair dyes, dynamite and mayonnaise.

Therefore, given the clear link between the growing and maintenance of mustaches and not only good looks but, according to studies, incremental income, it appears clear that mustache maintenance costs qualify for and should be considered as a deductible expense related to the production of income under Internal Revenue Code Section 212.

Hence, the STACHE Act.

So we ask you today – American taxpayers and brothers in facial hair – don’t disregard the interests nor intentions of the founding fathers.

Join us for the most important movement in the history of movements. Help ensure for the fair taxation of our people, and at the same time, help deliver clean drinking water to those who cannot obtain it themselves.


About the Author: Dr. Aaron Perlut is the chairman of the American Mustache Institute and considered one of the three most good looking men in Western civilization.


"Tickle Your Fancy" Before The Holidays

NYC take note -- now until December 23rd you can catch John Gordon Gauld's exhibit, "Tickle Your Fancy," at Salomon Contemporary. "The short-term exhibition will display a medley of facial hair in an installation of over 100 works on paper. The beard and moustache series was originally commissioned by Bergdorf Goodman for their windows showcasing the 2011 Men's collection. Because of its overwhelming response, the works are now presented in a gallery setting."

Continuing from Salomon's website, David Coggins declared in his essay for Bergdorf Goodman, Beards: A Fierce Defense, "the beard is an essential expression of man's nature" and "Above all things, the beard is a show of generous temperament. A man has a faceful of hair, and he rightly wants to share it with the world. Or perhaps he just doesn't feel like shaving. Regardless, a beard is something that most men feel compelled to try at least once, like vegetarianism." Coggins goes on to say, "the bearded man is fearless, but he never forgets that he is more than his beard—it frames his face but never defines the man."

ArtInfo reviewed the exhibit -- "it features such tried-and-true favorites as the Fu Manchu, the Handlebar, and the Chops, as well as dark horses like the Pornstar ‘Stache, the Goatee, and the Waxed Villain, this exhibition speaks to a contemporary renaissance of facial coiffure."

Wow.  Don't miss this before the holiday madness kicks in!  
(Photo credit: Etsy)




Joseph Waldo "Mustache Man" Arrested In NYC

Back in January, BaB reported on the spotting of fabulous "mustached" curly tags being drawn on billboards in NYC subways.  Sad to say that NYC police have caught the 26-year-old graffiti artist who had a way with a black Sharpie.  Joseph Waldo was arrested on charges including felony criminal mischief and possession of a graffiti instrument.  Estimated damage for his "artistic touch" is estimated at about $1,500.00.

Interestingly, it was through Internet bragging that this Gray Line tours employee was busted.  

(Photo credit: New York Daily News)




Heavenly Staches -- BEHOLD!

Thanks to our friendly scout Peter Ha from The Daily, we have been alerted to signs from the above and the many greater forces than man (and some women) in suport of facial hair. If you had any reasons to doubt that there is something greater out there, somewhere, consider this your pie in the face.

First came this from Peter:

Followed by this via the Googles:

Then this...

Then THIS:

 And finally this gem:


Way to #proveit Stache Gods... beard Gods, you're on next.


Frightened Rabbit - 10/30, NYC

Frightened Rabbit, Build-a-Beard's favorite 'stache band, is coming to NYC tomorrow night. 

Considering the band has been on the road for the past 3 years, nothing makes us happier than when they visit The Big Apple..... except for when Scott graciously asked us to meet with him for some friendly facial hair banter, a special "Tonight's Beard" exchange, & perhaps a few photos prior to them taking the stage.   

LIFE IS GREAT!  Follow us on Twitter - we'll be uploading photos & commentary on Saturday night. 

Riss & Alex


Does Your Mustache Bring All The Girls To The Yard?

Build-a-Beard is starting a new weekly column - interviewing gents and ladies about their thoughts on dating a guy (and in rare cases a woman) with some facial fuzz.  First up, Ms. Amy Wright, a NYC resident who lives by the motto "there was really no excuse, except that I felt lucky."  We talked to Amy about her life growing up with a stached father (kick ass proof below), how Johnny Depp is her favorite everything, rules on dating those with facial hair, her luck (if any) with beardos, and how she resists the urge to cut a man's stache 1/2 off for a laugh... 

BaB: How old were you when you 1st realized your dad was rocking that sweet stache?
Amy: When I was born, Dad had the handlebar/beard combo with hair down to his waist, so I guess its fair to say Ive always been aware. I've heard stories that I liked to grab at it as a baby, and I remember as a child my Dad liked to scratch my face and belly with his beard to tease me. I called his beard “Billy Goat Scruff," thinking that I was cleverly citing the fairy tale. 

Did you like it?
I cant say that I liked being scratched by his bristly beard, no, but I did like the attention the hair/facial hair combo seemed to get. Growing up in the south, mustache/beards have been in style since the civil war, but he was obviously a hippie/biker/Willie Nelson type, so he would get some looks. I liked feeling like my Dad was mysterious and cool, and that he scared teachers and boyfriends sometimes. To be honest, he looks better with the face hair than clean shaven.

How do you feel about facial hair now?  What's acceptable to you vs. not?
I generally don’t like it…. It doesn’t feel good against the skin, it chaffs places, and it makes me break out (wow... I just totally made other people's face hair all about ME!). It looks good on some dudes, like it belongs there, but as far as romantic partners go I can't do a full beard/stache because it's weird to make out with someone that feels like you're making out with your Dad.

Also, there's this epidemic of novelty face hair- where people act like they are doing some sort of magic trick if they wax their mustache - that’s a bit annoying. I do think it's cute when guys get lazy and haven’t shaved for a few days - and I have dated a few guys that have the permanent weeks worth of scruff on their face. I guess I take it on a case-by-case basis.
If you HAD to kiss someone with a goatee, stache, beard, or handle bar mustache - which one would you pick - and why? 
Famous dude- Salvador Dali when he was like 25 or so, cause he was cute. I would name a not famous dude, but I might get myself into trouble…

Have you ever dated anyone with a full face of hair?  If so, have you ever felt the urge to cut it off while they slept?  
Yes, I have… a fellow who grew a very thick beard and mustache for a play. I didn’t have the urge to cut it because the discomfort I endured during the production was offset by the promise of a shave after the show closed (and for the record, I think he does look better without it). I do sometimes have the urge to cut a big patch out of those really long, ZZ Top-like beards when I see someone that has one, or one half of someone's mustache just because I think it would be funny. I will admit certain face hair can be a deal breaker for me… I'm sure it doesn’t feel awesome to shave your face, but since I basically shave from the neck down, I don’t feel like its an outlandish request for a fellow to not have a crazy beard that hangs to his belly button.

(Miss Amy Wright)

What's your favorite movie star with facial fuzz?  What star do you think would look better IF they shaved?  
My favorite movie star with facial fuzz is Johnny Depp. He doesnt grow much because he’s part Cherokee, but hes been rocking the bit that he can grow for a few years now. There is nothing that could make Johnny Depp look better, except if he was sleeping next to me... I think that would make him look better, although I'm sure many women would beg to differ. He is pretty much my favorite everything, not just movie star with facial hair. I also like George Michaels Diablo look, and think he looks better with than without.

Anything else you'd like us to know/share..... 
I recently saw a guy that was about 75 years old wearing a t-shirt that said “my mustache brings all the girls to the yard” and nearly fell over laughing. Frank Black has an awesome song about growing a beard called “My Fu Manchu” that you should add to this site, if you haven’t already.

(You got it, Amy) 


The Hair Behind The Great Food Truck Race 

"Hey!  That truck has a mustache!"

It takes a lot to get my attention, but when someone yells that a truck is sporting a mustache, you bet that my head is turning to see it.  If you're late to the game, The Food Network has a new show called The Great Food Truck Race (GFTR for the savvy readers), which premiered two weeks ago.    

Let's sum this up quickly - the competing food trucks are eliminated based on which one makes the least amount of money each week.  Each week, a new city, a new challenge, and some bizarre twist to keep it interesting with the hopes of winning $50K. 

Here's our favorite food trucks (ranked in order of appeal):  

Austin Daily Press
Cory Nunez

Grill 'Em All
Couple of scruffy dudes, making burgers, & using a megaphone.  Oh & they're LA-based... and you know how we like them LA boys.

Crepes Bonaparte
Reasoning: They sport a freaking 'stache on their truck.  Need I say more? - Of course not.

Spencer on the Go
Reasoning: Not Chef Katgely, but one of his truck cooks has a long white wizard goatee that is sure to make anyone who orders the food question if his hair was dipped into their meal.  It's pretty bad-ass. 

Tune in on Sundays, Food Network, 9:00 p.m. ET sharp


Got 'Stache?

The National "Got Milk" Mustache Mobile Tour has been crossing the country since March (and will do so until September) to help celebrate special moments that families share around the dinner table... blah blah blah.... most importantly, it offers families a chance to sport 'staches. (BAB hopes that once they see how cool they look with milk 'staches - an epidemic of upper lip hair will result shortly after).   

From July 9 – July 13, the 2010 Milk Mustache Mobile “Milk the Moment” Tour will be cruising through New York City hosting free local events that feature a variety of fun and educational activities for the entire family. In addition, the tour also offers moms a chance to share how they “milk the moment” at dinnertime for a chance to win an unforgettable family dinner with Milk Mustache celebrity and chef Tyler Florence.

Tour Stops:

Friday, July 9

New York Aquarium
Surf Avenue & West 8th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11224 

Saturday, July 10
6 East 57th Street
New York, NY 10022

Sunday, July 11 
Brooklyn Children's Museum
145 Brooklyn Ave
New York, NY 11213

Monday, July 12
New York Aquarium
Surf Avenue & West 8th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11224

Tuesday, July 13

Bronx Zoo
2300 Southern Blvd
Bronx, NY 10460


7-Eleven Appreciates Your Sweet 'Stache

Even though 7-Eleven's goal is to "consistently serve the changing needs of customers for their convenience" - the law is the law & it is not convenient to be arrested. That said, keep rocking those sweet 'staches - and remember that beards make you look a lot older... not that we're endorsing underage drinking

The Great 'Stache Debate

It is time to meet tax policy professor John Yeutter and familiarize yourself with the St. Louis-based American Mustache InstituteWhy?  Last week, they proposed that mustached Americans get in on the stimulus money.  Prior to the deadline to file income tax returns, the professor and AMI pushed for The STACHE Act, which offers incentives for people of Mustached American heritage in the form of the a $250 deduction for expenditures for mustache grooming supplies in the determination of Adjusted Gross Income (we couldn't even make this up if we tried...). 

AMI is an advocacy organization protecting the rights of, and fighting discrimination against, mustached Americans by promoting the growth, care, and culture of the mustache. The organization stated that the current system of our government "provides a disincentive for the clean-shaven to enjoy the mustached American lifestyle."  They argue that the stimulus money could be used not only for trimming instruments but for wax, combs and mirrors.

If you wish to read the white paper on the study, sign the petition, and download a form to write to your congressman - click HERE.  More information on The STACHE Act:

Mustaches have been making headlines lately - Associated Press dedicated an entire story on the history of John Stossel's 'stache, Huffington Post dedicated an entire slide show to media mustaches, Charlie Sheen lost his mind and faked one for "fun," and Zac Efron grew a 'stache at Coachella. 


Grow One (A Mustache That Is)

Republic Tequila, a 100% blue agave, certified organic tequila previously only available in Texas, is now making its debut in Colorado (Denver, Fort Collins, and Boulder).  Big deal, right?  Well, if you are not a resident of either state the company is offering a chance to enter the Republic Tequila’s “Grow One for the Republic” mustache contest and have a chance to win a trip for two to any destination in Texas. 

Tom Nall, CEO and Founder of Republic Tequila stated, “Tequila and mustaches have long been a part of Texas history. Think about it, all the good cowboys have a mustache, and they all drink tequila. It only makes sense to celebrate these things together.”

So start growing one to get the opportunity to drink more! Personally, we couldn't think of a better reason.  Entries are due by February 26, 2010.   


A Reason To Visit Frankfort, Kentucky

Mustache vending machine:

Thanks to Pop Candy for giving us a reason to visit Kentucky.  That said, I am a bit confused as to the large "beauty" mark on the kid's face above.  For my 75 cents - I better get one out of the cool 130 combinations of 'staches. 


Ordered to Grow Beards

Today, Al Qaeda-linked Islamist authorities in southern Somalia have ordered men to grow beards and shave off mustaches, officials and witnesses confirmed. In order to ensure the complete implementation of the Islamic sharia law in the region, Al Qaeda called upon all men to grow their beard and shave their flavor savors. 

Those who ignore this "call to grow," will be punished accordingly.

This might seem like an extreme law to implement, but if you have visited Williamsburg, Bushwick, Greenpoint, Lower East Side, Webster Hall, Bowery Ballroom.... beards & facial fuzz are everywhere... slowly taking over the faces of our loved ones.

We're not complaining & we cannot imagine how many more beards and 'staches we'd see if there was an actual ordinance to not shave.


On the road: Beards of Pasadena

Being on the road in lovely Pasadena, California over the weekend, we sought the opportunity to post the inaugural Build-A-Beard’s west coast excursion photo-bonanza extravaganza. With the Pasadena population hovering around 150k, how could we not find enough of our own to result in a pictorial?

 This centerfold (named such because the photos being centered, duh) includes a dozen of hairy, warm-blooded and open minded gents who don’t need much introductions. Some are passing through; others are permanent residents of the City of Roses, but all of them are out and about getting down with their facial fluff all around town.

 While the order was informally determined by perceived overall surface area and length, please do not look at this as a ranking, rather only as a salute. This first shot, found on the campus of Caltech, represents an idealistic view of our kin: Integrity, Creativity, Tenacity...

As a side note, through this exercise we have found that there is no better ice breaker than asking strange men to take a cellphone photo of their chin... our results of this endeavor are below.

Thank you all for participating... rock on, and keep on rocking those kickin' styles!

Do you want to send us your own facial hair hunting excursions? We would love to hear from you! Tweet at us or comment your hairy heart out.