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If Apple Made An iBeard...

... it would look like Jim Dalrymple's. The editor-in-chief of The Loop has been writing about Apple for more than 17 years, but growing his 15" beard since 2007. You must be somebody pretty special if Steve Jobs once recognized you (with or without facial hair). BaB had the esteemed privilege to speak with Jim about how his beard "kind of snuck up on him and took over his life," the craziest moment he's had playing with another serious bearded professional, what his beard likes to drink, and the best conference to attend for true facial hair scouting.

BaB: So Jim, how long is your beard currently?  What’s the longest length it’s been?
Just sitting on my face, the beard is about 9-inches. However, it's curly, so if you straighten it out, it measures about 15 inches. I think that's about the longest it's ever been -- to be honest, this is the first time I've ever measured it.
BaB: You have a stellar professional career, most notably your position at Macworld – was the outlet supportive in your efforts to grow your beard?  Did anyone try to make you shave?
The folks at Macworld were great about the beard. Nobody there ever put up any kind of a fight about me shaving. Of course, they made fun of the beard, but that's fine, I can handle that. If you are going to have a beard like this, you have to expect some of that.
BaB: We paid tribute to the bearded life of the belated Steve Jobs – was his growing journey inspirational to you?  Did you ever meet him?  Did he ever comment on your facial hair?
Steve was inspirational to me in a lot of ways, but not with the beard. Zakk Wylde was my inspiration for growing the beard. I did meet Steve once, but I didn't have the beard then. It was a very short conversation -- he said he knew my writing and I said thanks and left. What more could you ask for than to have Steve recognize you.
BaB: You’re an avid guitarist with over 20 years of experience playing – what’s the craziest moment you’ve had with your beard as a musician?
Wow, that's tough. Maybe hugging Zakk Wylde before he went on stage with Ozzy in Chicago. I played "Summertime Blues" with Roger Daltrey in LA and he looked at me and said "Do they make all Canadians like you?"  Those were both great moments for me.
BaB: What's the best conference to attend if you're hoping to scout tech beardos?
The conference I like the most for beards is NAMM. So many great beards there, but not necessarily tech beards. If you go to CES you'll see lots of baby beards, but nothing substantial.
BaB: Who is your bearded hero? Why?
Definitely Zakk Wylde. I love Zakk's music and his approach to his fans and the way he plays guitar.
BaB: Anything else we should know?
I was surprised two years ago to see that my beard had its own Twitter account (@dalrymplesbeard). I tell people that I don't do it, but I'm not sure they believe me -- it's true, I don't do it. Every once in a while, it'll speak up on something and then goes quiet again.

Another interesting note -- the beard loves Heineken. Only Heineken.
(Photos courtesy of Jim's Facebook page -- taken with permission) 

You can follow him on Twitter @jdalrymple and on his Website at The Loop.