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Beard Behind Game of Thrones

"Like a graybeard king, George R.R. Martin sat near the center of the ballroom at the 69th Annual Golden Globes and watched the royal court of Hollywood pass by his table Sunday night and, yes, in a room packed with lithe starlets and square-jawed leading men it was easy to pick out the only plump fantasy novelist in the room." - Los Angeles Times

Does it come as any surprise that Game of Thrones mastermind (his bestselling series of fantasy novels 'A Song of Ice and Fire' was adapted by HBO for their dramatic series) rocks a beard?  We could say the creativity flows from his fingertips, but it's the beard hair.  

Check out his incredible Website if you're in need of further proof on how awesome this guy is -

(Photo credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)


Are You A Post Break-Up Beardo?

My new obsession (when I am not trolling the streets for beards and DIY facial hair creations) is The Life and Times of Tim - the HBO comedy animated TV series.  Worth noting, I am a bit behind and only scratching the surface of Season II, but Tim and his awkward situations in New York City (in both work and his personal life) have won me over. But what sent my heart into obsessive fan mode, was the episode where Tim's post-breakup beard winds up interfering with his job - as the company hires his equivalent off the streets.

So... I have heard of post break-up depression, but how many men have grown beards AFTER a relationship ended?  Is this a trend worth watching?  Obviously, women and men should not view all bearded males as tainted, bitter souls who were ditched by their significant other and therefore, they ditched their razors - but I would like to talk to a post-break up beardo.  Email us for a possible Q&A.   Oh and if anyone knows how to get in touch with Steve Dildarian - tell him to go beard or go home.