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Beard Accessories: Google Glasses

According do the The Independent, the following gentleman was spotted in NYC subways... stealthily riding the bowls of our concrete jungle with a stylish black zip-up top, a black beanie and a smirk on his face, attached to a lovely salt and pepper beard.

The smirk may have been tied to the fact that he was experiencing the world in a new light, under a new form of data digestion, and perhaps even augmenting his reality. It was one Sergey Brin, founder of Google. We are by no means endorsing Google, or their wacky glasses, but hey... with that beard, all the accessories he has on, are looking better and better.

Looking good Sergey, looking good...


Facebook IPO Inside Scoop

So D day is here -- F day probably is a bit crude -- Facebook is now public. You want in on the action, you want a taste of the hype, your chalice of koolaid is empty and you need a hit baaaaaaaaaaad... well, here's the inside scoop from the offices of Build-a-Beard CFO.

The FB stock wont do as good as you thought, or even as good as it should, for one simple fact we know (and you probably do too)... because of Mr. Zuckerber's (aka Zucks, aka Is that a question, aka FB CEO, aka I own your face, aka Richie Rich) facial hairlessness. A face that by all Google image research accounts has never even had as much as a stubble on his chinny chin chin.

For shame sir, you're public now... now more than ever you need to man up, grow up and like your ownership of Facebook, you need to maintain at least 53% of your face with hair. Consider this a challenge, we dare you to #proveit... or at least fund a facial hair charity like Movember, Bearduary or other facial hair cheerleaders like say... us... to help fight and stop pogonophobia.

Until then...


Sergey Brin - Google His Beard!

That's right! Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, is sporting a beard. Thanks to the hard-hitting tech reporting of Business Insider this was brought to our attention.  


Google Schemer

Google has a new product out called, Schemer. Check out TheNextWeb for more information on it.  

For now, we're smiling about Google's decision to include a mustache in their new logo and promo video.



Conan O'Brien Discusses His Beard With The Googlers

Conan O'Brien stopped by Google to discuss social media, the "G" Man, Costco water, Mr. Burns, and growing a beard (at the 6 minute mark).


ZDNet - The Bearded Choice

Did you know that those who rock beards in traditional media and the blogosphere write better than their shaved colleagues?  It is true.  Why?  Simple put: beards are awesome and they impact every part of a person's life in a positive fashion.  Beards - by nature - push expressionism, they give those experiencing writer's block something to touch that helps them breakthrough to their next genius point, and beards can be used as a distraction - to get the hard hitting questions answered as the interviewee becomes memorized by the facial fuzz of the reporter. 

I stumbled upon this post by ZDNet (written in March 2010) and was completely impressed by how many people on their staff #proveit --

What other work places encourage the beard or goatee to such an astounding degree? No outlet can compete with such facial hair fury, which makes ZDNet Build-a-Beard's #1 choice for hairy tech gurus

Dana Blankenhorn proving it wisely: