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Frightened Rabbit's Hairy Encore

                             "The integrity of a beard is not judged on its length alone." 

After two long years, Build-A-Beard reconnected with Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit before the band rocked the stage at San Francisco's The Independent last week (with not one, but two encores!). Over the past few years, Scott has gone from grooming a proper mustache to growing a full, mature beard. 

The entire interview is available below via Frightened Rabbit's SoundCloud account and it's worth a listen. Don't believe me? - Well, here's some fun facts you'll discover --

  • Scott has a name for his beard. Any ideas? 
  • He *almost* lost a relationship over shaving. 
  • A US city that impresses him the most with facial hair... is on the East Coast 
  • Learn how facial hair inspired the band's latest EP, State Hospital
  • Would beard hair make for a good guitar string? Y N M

Hear more:


Special thanks (as always) to the gracious Scott Hutchison (and his incredible beard):


Scott Hutchison Builds A Beard

Last night at Terminal 5 in New York City (the worst venue to trek to on a weekend), Frightened Rabbit took the stage and rocked out.  But the real thrill happened hours earlier on the tour bus...  Scott Hutchison graciously offered to meet, sketched us our very own "Tonight's Beard" (real fans will understand), and how he's going to keeping growing his 'stache dread-lock style (i.e. twisting it yourself and not using wax) when it gets to the appropriate length.

We also hit upon: How Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses should do a Q&A with us, the odor of the tour bus, Movember, and how San Francisco's "Fear the Beard" is wrong.  To quote Scott: "They shouldn't be fearing the beard - they should be building it."  

Operation Best Night Ever was a success.  (Oh and Scott, as fate would have it - we ended up running into the fan who got #TonightsBeard and snapped his photo).   


Frightened Rabbit - 10/30, NYC

Frightened Rabbit, Build-a-Beard's favorite 'stache band, is coming to NYC tomorrow night. 

Considering the band has been on the road for the past 3 years, nothing makes us happier than when they visit The Big Apple..... except for when Scott graciously asked us to meet with him for some friendly facial hair banter, a special "Tonight's Beard" exchange, & perhaps a few photos prior to them taking the stage.   

LIFE IS GREAT!  Follow us on Twitter - we'll be uploading photos & commentary on Saturday night. 

Riss & Alex


Scott Hutchison Keeps His Face Warm

What makes for the best day ever? For starters, when Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit tweets back at you that he would happily partake in a Q&A on your blog. 

Confession: I screamed, danced around the room, IMd three of my friends in all CAPS, tried to keep my hands steady and not drool all over my keyboard (I failed), and not gush over the fact that one of my favorite concerts of all time was when Frightened Rabbit played this past April at Webster Hall (#FAIL).  But despite all my failures, I somehow summoned the courage to focus on what was really important - it wasn't Scott - it wasn't the band - it wasn't the lyrics - it was THE MOUSTACHE.  

The following is one of the best Q&As to ever result on BaB.  So without further ado... 

Scott, you've written a lot about keeping yourself warm... is that why you decided to grow a moustache?  Tell us what inspired you to rock facial hair...
Scotland does get cold, and it's a secondary benefit.  The main reason is simply to try shit out.  I think it's a blessing that we, as men, are able to change the shape of our faces with varieties of hair growth and clipping.  Originally I grew it out of laziness, but over the years and miles on the road I've met many a finely constructed beard/moustache, and that encouraged me to do something new.

How long have you had facial hair?  What age did you 1st start experimenting with the growth process?
I remember my elder brother telling me when I was 17 to 'just let it grow out'.  So I did, and it was initially quite poor (a fact I am reminded of every time I open my passport (see photo below: barely visible fluff on the chin)).  But I persevered, and have pretty much stuck with it in one form or another ever since.

Growing up, what's the beard scene like in Scotland? Or Selkirk specifically?
It's not great.  There is a handful of cracking ones down in the Borders region, due to the large farming community.  But there are a few too many 'metal' styles emerging in the youngsters.  Long goatees and such.

Is this new moustache an extension of your growth as a songwriter or is your growth as a songwriter an extension of your moustache?
The songwriting came first, but I'm hoping to turn a corner in every way with this new moustache.  I feel more artistic already, and the longer it gets, the more progressive (aka 'prog') the music shall become.  Capes and wizard hats have already been ordered online.

Tell us the truth - did you get signed to Fat Cat because of your facial hair?
You would have to ask them, but I do suspect that it was a very big reason behind the label picking us up.  There is a clause in the contract that forbids me to have "facial hair shorter than 1cm in length".  If I shave, I get sued.

Will this mustache ignite a rivalry with former Hold Steady multi-instrumentalist Franz Nicolay?
I don't think of us as rivals.  It's a brotherhood.  Hopefully, I can now get access to the famously exclusive 'Super Lenin Hot Nightz' club in downtown Manhattan.  That's where I have heard all the good 'staches go to share stories and dance.

Does your girlfriend love your stache? 
She does.  If Sally didn't approve it would be a non-starter, but I am still surprised as to how encouraging she has been...  It bodes well for the future of my growth.

Thoughts on the current hipster/moustache handle bar movement?
Well, I can't really take them to task, as I am now involved in the scene.  I dunno, I guess mine is an honest moustache, grown organically and by sustainable means.  I feel like there are a few fakes out there who are hiding behind it, thinking it can detract from their essentially mundane existence and terrible stories.  A good moustache can only be an extension of your character, not your raison d'être 

Does wax make you a real man?
No.  Twirling does.

Would you cite Salvador Dali as a principal influence?
He was an absolute groundbreaker in so many ways.  I actually hate his paintings, but rather like his 'tache.  My main influence is an English artist named Billy Childish.  Now there is a man...

Scott's passport photo:

BEHOLD.  Scott's sweet 'stache:

Many thanks to Scott for participating in this interview.  We will see you on October 30th in NYC, and readers go support Frightened Rabbit.  

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