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Happy Boxing Day... you wanna fight about it?!

To our dear friends in the United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago and some other Commonwealth nations... HAPPY BOXING DAY!

To all the rest... wanna fight about it?!




PS In the meantime, get this awesome stache fightin' T from Etsy (where else):


Buy A Beardo T-shirt

A few weeks ago, my colleague came into work sporting a beard maze sweatshirt, which blew our office away. Today, I discovered that he ordered this killer print from TIMBER! t-shirts drawn by Etsy artist Chad Eaton. All of the TIMBER! designs fit into a story that sets a conflict between lumberjacks and their bosses with forest dwellers, including bigfoot, stuck in the middle. And yes, the designs demonstrate the strength of beards.

My favorites include the lumberjack, beard pillowbear with baby (sans beard, but incredible), and the beard bicyclist.  Oh & let's not forget the skull beardo:
Support this artist & rock some new t-shirts during our Beard Ball. 


Mustache Shoes by Bstreetshoes

What's better than a new pair of 2" black heels? -- Mustache shoes of course!  I found Bstreetshoes on Etsy while I was hunting for Movember items and immediately ordered a pair of his gorgeous, customizable, hand painted, shoes.  He has 100's of beautiful art shoe options and I am sure the creatives could pitch him other great ideas, but for now, I am walking around The Mission sporting these instant classics.  

Also worth noting, these shoes are TOMS -- so every pair purchased = new pair of shoes to a child in need.

Jealous?  I would be too if they weren't already on my feet. 


Custom-Order Beardos 

I am huge fan of Etsy. My brother (who rocks scruff) is on the site.  I've purchased items from the online marketplace and a future money maker needs to be highlighted - The Bearded Bloke Brooch.  

As featured on Etsy: "While he may appear to be a little rugged the bearded bloke is a friendly, laid-back, loyal kind of guy. He is always there for those he cares about and is up for a good laugh and hanging our with his mates. He loves searching for old records on Sunday afternoons and he takes his coffee extra strong." 

Or do you have a bearded athlete you're fond of?  Check out what Evie, the creator of these adorable brooches and blogger/founder at HandMadeRomance, can do for you:

According to HandMadeRomance: These two Bearded Blokes are a special custom order for two friends who are fans of the San Francisco Giants and in particular player, Brian Wilson.

Personally, I am a big fan of "The Traveling Circus Ringmaster."  


Coco For Beards

With Conan O'Brien finally announcing the name of his new show (properly titled, Conan) on TBS, we wanted to make sure real fans were ready for October 8th.  Not only are we hoping he debuts with a full beard, but that each member of the viewing audience has with them their very own bearded Coco Doll.  

Yes, that's right, thanks to the wonderful world of Etsy, a few lucky buyers who were fast enough to click "Add to Cart" purchased their very own king of late night.  

BaB was slow on the draw, unfortunately.  Did you buy one?  If so, how much do you want for it?