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Fear and Loathing in Lancaster

The Second Annual Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships is kicking off it's multiple days of activity today, with the final (and main) event being held on October 8, 2011 at the Clipper Magazine Stadium, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania... home of the fighting Amish (no, not really, it's actually Lancaster Barnstormers).

There are a few things different this year than the inaugural contest last year in Bend Oregon... Yes, Jack Passion is still MCing, it is still a total of $5000 ($1000 per category) in cash to be awarded to the winners and yes there will be beards and staches and goatees and fake beards (on friday)... but two glaring differences are of note: The competition will take place in five (not 4) categories, he newbie being the full beard groomed category, in addition to the moustache, partial beard, full beard natural, and freestyle. 

And perhaps most importantly... Build-a-Beard will (begrudgingly) bow out of competition, and even attendance, this year... Sad, shocking, yes we know... but we have holy reasons for doing so, trust us.

That said, we will be there in spirit, and in body... not our body but another beardo, John Benedict (aka America's Beard) filling in as the first ever freelance beard scout and B-a-B blogger. John will not only be one with the bearded Amish, he will compete, he will drink, he will report back and he will be awesome... his beard and his energy will not disappoint (no pressure, John).

If the rumors are true...

And Facebook murmurs seldom aren't... Then the Beard Team USA 2011 National Championships will be held in Lancaster, PA! The inaugural National Beard and Mustache Championships held in Bend OR last year was an insanely hairy affair, and frankly... not sure if it can be topped. That said, IF the situation was such that it could be topped, it would only be if it was held in the depths of Amish country, Lancaster County... some may even call it, an Amish Paradise.

According to sources including, but not limited to, Wikipedia (clearly we only rely on the most respectable of sources for our info...) Lancaster County is known as the Garden Spot of America or Pennsylvania Dutch Country, and is a popular tourist destination, due mostly to its many plain sect residents, known as the Amish. Lancaster, PA, first known as Hickory Town when it was settled in 1709 and is now known as the Red Rose City. Lancaster was the largest inland town in America from the 1760s through the early 1800s. It was our nation's capital for just one day on September 27, 1777. The reason for this is because our government had to flee Philadelphia because of the British troops. They stopped in Lancaster on their way to York, PA. Lancaster also served as the capital of Pennsylvania from 1799-1812.


Now about them bearded brethren from the Dutch lands... Why do Amish men have beards, but not mustaches? (answer from Amish FAQ site, seriously)

There are quite a few scriptures that mention beards in the Bible. An example would be Psalm 133:1,2. An Amishman does not shave his beard after he becomes married. A long beard is the mark of an adult Amishman. Mustaches, on the other hand, have a long history of being associated with the military, and therefore are forbidden among the Amish people.


There... Consider yourself informed. Given the driving distance from Brooklyn... we are nearly certain to attend (and perhaps even resurrect the corporate beard entry), if all the above remains factual and the rumors fortify into truth, of course.


10Qs with a Stache-o Ben Davidson

Ben (or Benjamin as facebook calls him) Davidson is a man who needs an introduction... his stache however, does not.

At the 2009 World Championships, By Mathew Rainwaters

I first met Ben back stage at the National Beard and Moustache Championships in Bend Oregon this past summer, and his stache followed him everywhere, so i met it too, and what a stache it was... while of course not a match to the winner of the natural stache category in Bend, Ben's tache is something to behold, envy and of course in our case, commend.

This gent is a quiet yet fierce competitor whom has taken the gold (and bronze) both nationally, locally and even internationally (full scorebox for Ben's stache is as follows, all for natural stache category: 1st place, 2009 NYC BMC; 3rd place, 2009 World Championships in Anchorage AK; 1st place, 2010 Coney Island BMC; and most recently 1st place in the 2010 Ohio BMC, Dayton OH).

Given this track record and this being the month of the stache (Movember), we decided to award Ben the coveted (and arbitrary) title of "Beardo of the Month!" I sat down with Ben and talked bearding (or stache-ing), grooming, thunder, arm wrestling, and much much more... read on!

When did you first grow or start growing it? how long as it been since your upper lip saw any sun?
I started growing facial hair in 2007, I think. I had a small beard for a while and then shaved that off leaving just the stache in the summer of 2008. So it's been about 3 - 3 1/2 years since my upper lip saw some sun. 

How'd you get into competitive bearding (or staching in your case)?
I basically just happened upon an ad for the First Beard and Moustache Competition in Coney Island, NY in September of '08. I really had no intention of entering the contest, and just wanted to check out some crazy and hilarious facial hair. When I got there everybody said I should enter, I did, and won first place in the natural moustache category. That spurred me on to go to future competitions.

The staches are always well represented at competitions, but think often also get a back seat to the beards, why is that?
I assure you, I don't know. I suppose it could be because it can take a lot longer to grow an immense beard. I can grow my stache out in 6 months or so. Also beards are easier to see from a distance.

Aren't you happy/thankful that (THE) Jack Passion trims his stache and does not (yet?) compete in your category... be honest.
Haha, I love Jack's beard as most people do, but he derives most of his power from his beard's immense volume, and the fact that said volume is bright ass orange. If he were to shave down to just the stache he would lose some of his shock and awe. I think it would be a pretty close competition between us. I don't think I've ever seen a large orange handlebar moustache. That would be pretty sweet. But I suppose in the end, I'm pretty content with him competing in the beard category.

You had to arm-wrestle a guy at the Coney Island BNC for your title... not quite the traditional way to win, but it seemed to work in your favor (what was the age of that guy, 95?). Do you like traditional rules of say the national Competition or those on the local circuit like at Coney Island?
No way, that guy was 75 at the most! I'll take traditional rules any day. At least arm wrestling could be considered kinda manly. If anybody asks me to start singing and dancing it's over for me. I don't go there.

Let's talk grooming... Your stache is glorious, and it really really suits your face... how'd you train it to do what you want, or are you just blessed with the coveted stache gene our scientists are working tirelessly to isolate?
Well, I could go on all day about this, but I'll keep it short. I do have good moustache genes cause my hair grows fast and really straight. If you have really straight hair and a somewhat thick moustache, you can probably have a moustache similar to mine. Anyway, make sure you condition it in the shower but not too much. I have to find a happy medium, if you condition too much or too little, it frays out a lot and is harder to manage in general. Immediately when I get out of the shower I smooth it into the general shape, and put two little clips into it to hold it back away from my mouth. I leave them in just a few minutes then take them out and add some lotion. Regular hand moisturizer will do, you may have to try a few different kinds to see what works best. That's basically it. If you want to know more, hit me up on facebook or at a competition.

Seriously though, what are top 3 tips you can give on stache growing and upkeep?

  1. When you first start growing your stache, don't trim the hairs that grow from the middle of your lip. There's an awkward period when all those hairs will go in your mouth, which is kinda a pain in the ass. If you stick with it though, they will get long enough where you can spread them to the sides and they stay out of your mouth 90 percent of the time.
  2. Stay Healthy. If you're healthy, your facial hair will grow faster and more luxuriously. Have you ever seen a really fat guy with a terrible beard?
  3. Try using Elmer's glue to hold your styled stache in place. It dries in seconds and holds better than any wax I've ever tried. It washes right out with water, is non toxic and safe for kids.  

Who are your top 3 stache wearers through the years?
Rollie Fingers for sure… Ben Davidson (a football player from the 60's and 70's, he had a great stache)… I don't know... Tom Selleck?

It's Movember, or nearly the end of it, why do you think it's the staches that get the largest facial hair donations to charity each year? Our good friends at Bearduary is a distant second, but overall Movember is in a class all its own... is it just because its' easier to show the growth progress on a daily basis with staches, or is there something magical in the wax?
Because moustaches are funnier? Maybe because you have to make a concerted effort to grow a moustache. You could accidentally grow a beard, but you have to make the effort of shaving most of your face to have a stache. Also, people just want an excuse to grow a moustache.

Would you ever shave yours and start again if you couls have some high paying sponsors?
Oh Hell yes! I'd do it for low paying sponsors as well, if anybody has an offer.

Are you going to bring the thunder for the New York BMC?
I will be in attendance although, I'm still undecided about bringing the thunder…


P.S. While Ben's stache is amazing, and awesome, and hairy and all that... dont be fooled, Ben can grow a pretty sick ass beard too. Kudos!


Way to prove it IFC; Whisker Wars are coming!!!

We've been muzzled for far too long... we've bit our lip and chewed the stache hair long enough... we've tiptoed around this... we've yearned for it and willed it on... so today, we say enough!

Competitive Bearding will be coming to the Boob Tube!!!

“Whisker Wars” A non-fiction series set in the world of competitive facial hair growing which profiles a group of men from the National Beard and Mustache Championship in Bend, Oregon to the World Competition in Norway. Produced by Original Productions, a FremantleMedia Company; executive produced by Thom Beers and Philip D. Segal, co-executive produced by  Jeff Conroy. -- Read more

Do we know more? Why yes, we do? Have we been prepping you without your knowledge? Why yes, subliminal bearding has been going on (see our Q&As with: Jack Passion, Myk O'Connor, The Judges of BeardStacheNats, and (Magnificent SpeciMAN) Dave Mead, in addition to overall coverage of The Winners of The National Beard and Mustache Championships)... it was hard to hold tight and wait for a green light, but it's here, and it's shining bright!

Stay tuned for more and more and set your DVRs, TiVo's or VCRs and we'll keep you posted, whether subliminally or directly... but know this, TV will never be the same. SUPPORT THE BEARDS!


Bend Bound (Ch. 1)


So, the day I depart for National Beard and Moustache Championships is coming near (as in tomorrow)... and frankly the emotions are running wild in the offices of B-a-B. I've been bouncing off the walls pulling on my chin frantically, while Riss was away on her top secret beard scouting mission to Ireland.

Then arrived the "Competitor Badge" (it's a badge right? where's the plastic sleeve? i'm gonna laminate it...) and i immediately felt at ease. Besides, whom am I if not the #proveit king?!

Facing my fate in the face, I've been honing my furry skills and aiming for the stars since Magnificent Specimens when I realized I absolutely must come to Bend, Oregon. This corporate beardo is ready to accept the challenge, take a weekend multi-stop air travel and turn it into gold via one nugget of awesomeness... Saturday, June 5th.

On Saturday June 5th I will join quite possibly a Guinness World Record number of beardos, at the Les Schwab Amphitheater in what is shaping up to be one of the most exciting days of my life... my expectations are realistic and thus low. But with my support crowd behind me (I'm bringing a few of my own, to tip the scales) I'm sure to come away with more than just another day's worth of beard growth.

Before heading out wanted to give a quick shout out to Jon Rice, The South Florida Man with high hopes and mad exhale moves; From Beard to There own Brian Quein; and Mr. America's Beard himself, John Benedict... get in touch I wanna talk beards and stuff, mostly talk beards though.

And speaking of talking beards, I look forward to reconnecting and swilling some beer with our good friend Michael Buchino of BeardRevue. A great man to know and grow chin manes with... And a fine example of a good thickness corporate beard, if I may say so myself.

So, as you can see the plan's pretty set and mimics any other corporate business east coast/west coast/east coast in 48 hours trek... only quite a bit hairier... Mine is a Corporate Beard, I'm competing in the freestyle category... what are you going as? Are you going? Wana meet up? Send us emails, ping us @buildabeard, message us on B-a-B... or stalk away, it's a small town anyway... I'm staying at the Phoenix Inn along with Mr. Jack Passion and many many many other great beardos...

(I'll try to make all of this)

10 a.m. Beard styling seminar by Toot Joslin. Bond Street Barber Shop, 841 NW Bond St., Bend.
12 noon Press conference at the Oxford Hotel, 10 NW Minnesota Ave., Bend. Everyone welcome.
1 p.m. – Doors open at Les Schwab Amphitheater. Contestants should meet at the Oxford Hotel for procession to the Les Schwab Amphitheater.
1:50 p.m. – All contestants assemble at the back of the amphitheater for grand entrance.

2 p.m. – Round 1: Welcome and Elimination
Grand entrance of the competitors, welcoming remarks, introduction of the judges, and first round of judging. Les Schwab Amphitheater.

– Moustache judging
– Partial beard judging
– Full beard judging
– Freestyle judging
– Bearded family portrait
– Entertainment by El Loco

7 pm – Round 2: Finals
Final judging and presentation of awards.

8:30 pm – Live music with El Loco. Night glow balloon launch.


America, Your Beard Is Here!

This is amazing, so amazing in fact we are a bit speechless... so we wont go into describing the below video...

John... Thank you  for your heartfelt plea and offer of inspiration for all those that are beardless, smiles for all of us that are... and entertainment for everyone. (and for Beard Team USA for finding you)

Everyone should send in their votes, and you know... We'd like to keep you out of the Freestyle category (for clear reasons)... but fate is fate, so if you meet El Beardo at the squared ring bearded circle at Bend... we'll rumble together.

However, we vote for Natural Beard category for your beard... El Beardo would've loved to enter that category, alas, the mass is just not there for us... but not for you, John. Godspeed!

The way to vote:

Tweet with #AmericasBeard tag

DM John at @AmericasBeard

Or leave a comment on



BREAKING NEWS: JP Out of Retirement?

Jack Passion entering a beard contest?! No... way...

Well, yes way. You heard it here first (3rd actually, counting Jack's and our earlier Facebook status updates)... all you competitive beardo enthusiasts, you may as well pack your bags now... to go to SAN FRANCISCO of course!

WHEN: TONIGHT (6/27), at 6-10PM PST ($5 at the door)

WHERE: Edinburgh Castle (950 GEARY ST., SAN FRANCISCO, 415.885.4074)

WHAT: "Art in Your Face": A Bay Area Beard and Mustache Benefit (aka Jack Passion's return to competitive bearding... for now)

WHY: Beards and Charity (to benefit Smile Train, a group that helps kids with cleft palates)... and to see Jack wipe the floor (and the competition) with his killer beard.

More info on this awesome event, the beardos behind it, and this important charity, check out this interview with event organizer Brian McGregor by SF Bay Guardian recently.

It may not be the National Championships... nor the World stage... but wherever Jack goes... the beards follow. As such, B-a-B will stay with the story, and keep you updated about the winner... though, I am wondering, maybe I can snag the B-a-B private plane to make it in time to report live... maybe, just maybe...


The Simpsons Do Competitive Bearding

As you saw here first... well, not here, but on our Tumblr page... and technically not on there either, because you saw it on TV first last night.

Either way, for your general monday blues fix, here's the FULL episode of yesterday's The Simpsons where at one point Moe is asked to judge an outrageous beard contest... this is a good sign for my chances heading into the National Championships in Bend, Oregon on June 5th. If Moe can be a judge, then I can be a winner!

P.S. Yes, we think this means we -- the beardo nation collectively -- have made it... now, let's stay on top, Go Beard or Go Home!