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Whisker Wars (with a Grain of Salt)

For Build-a-Beard, this week it's all about Whisker Wars, as the last year has been for many beardos... so it's hard to distill a weeks' worth of hype and madness into one post... or video, or picture... moreover, it's even harder if your technology (e.g. FlipCam mega fail coupled with no WiFi at the launch event) fail worse than hair-sparyed facial hair in the rain... That said, we always try to bring you the story in that beloved gonzo hairy fashion regardless of technological, follicle or sense of humor deficiencies... this post is no different.


First off, I must say I loved the launch event; from the wooden mustache combs, to the Carstache love, the free food and drink, and even the complimentary beard trim courtesy of The Blind Barber (I survived)... but most importantly, it was because it's awesome to see all of our beardy friends again. Namely, Brooklyn Beard King Mark Krayenhoff, the many Coney Island competitors, and of course Myk, Phil, and (THE) Jack, as well as the other Whisker Wars and bearding stars (specifically Alex LaRoche - Austin Facial Hair Club, whom I had the privilege to follow onto the stage at National's, as seen in this video).


Now, sometimes a tech fail is a blessing in disguise, and because I really do not want to do the talking and writing and biasing you for or against reality TV and docucomedies like Whisker Wars (or any other "Wars" related shows)... I'll leave it to Phil, who said it best in my failed attempt at an interview early on in the launch event festivities. 


Keep this sage advice in mind when watching tonight's premier episode and any of those that follow... (the full interview and 2nd attempt can be found here). I will just add that, the beards on Whisker Wars transcend reality, they then for sure transcend reality TV.


Beard on America, beard on...

Glorystache - Coming to a Middle State ASAP

Our good friends at Carstache alerted us to the fact that they now have a "new" 'stache in their arsenal known as "Glorystache."  And from the looks of it, for $39.00, you too can own a piece of America... in a mustache.... for the front of your hotrod.  

(Pic credit: Carstache)




Carstache™Is Made In The USA

Every car in America needs a Carstache™ - a $39.00 mustache you can proudly put on your car as you pick up chicks, dudes, groceries, and respect.  The makers of Carstache created this hairy hood ornament "purely because we think it’s funny. No other reason. It’s unexpected and it makes people smile."  Naturally, B-a-B cannot help, but love it as well. 

We love it so much in fact that we'd like to interview the founders... so get in touch with us! To all the Carstache owners out there, don't forget you can submit photos of your glorious automotive 'staches HERE.   Thanks so much to Whitney for bring this to our attention.