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Oscar's Golden Beard Shines Bright

Forget about the falling on the way acceptance, the drug addled 'stars,' the mile a minute gibberish, the CGI bear or even Babs making people wet in the general eye area.

The Oscars last night were all about the beard. Full stop. Below is our proof, should you need it or missed it... we could go on pasting examples of fine facial hair fortitude, but thinking you agree we've made the case when the beardiest picture won top Honors, while best actor went to the dude protraying one of history's most famous beardo. 

Congrats Ben, you deserve it... you've come a long way since your hairless child-face in Reindeer Games. Kudos.

We are tagging this post under Beard Ball, because frankly that's what it was at heart, just take a look at the volume...

From the scruff of Liev...

To Jennifer Aniston's +1's slightly bigger mass:

Credit: Getty

The sly smile on Bradley's hairy face:

Credit: GettyTo Paul Rudd's Monet beard:

Credit: Herald SunHugh's chivalrous facial hair follicleness:

Tommy Lee's mainstay and tenured beard:

George's Oceanic chin mane:

And finally all the way to three producers, three beards, three Oscars... a billion smiling fans:


Of course our good friends at Pop Sugar already have a poll out who wore the best beard (though a limited selection). You can vote here.


Beards Make A Difference

Last night, BaB held our first ever Beard Ball in San Francisco! And thanks to the support from Lord British, Heathered Pearls, and a neighborhood blog, the night was a huge success for Brush Fire Painting. The money is still being counted between the various donation jars, but it's safe to assume that we brought in close to (if not a bit over) $500.00 for the local non-profit and also got to see (and purchase) some great pieces of art.

Go beards! 
(Lord British rocking Beard Ball)
(Heathered Pearls)
(BaB founders)
Hear more about Brush Fire Painting:

San Francisco Beard Ball - August 15th

Summertime.... The gift of a few short months to showcase those fantastic beards & 'staches that you grew all winter or perhaps have been growing for years! Time to take a stroll down the block while your beard whips in the wind. Feel the power of your mustache as it withstands the heat & humidity! Or if you're in San Francisco, you're probably still wearing your scarf & heavy jacket... bundling up your beard, but you get the point....  

B-a-B thought it would be the perfect time to collectively combine all the facial hair awesomeness in San Francisco (and wow, does this city have a lot of that!) and unite whiskers (and admirers of them) under one roof for the cause of raising some funds for a great local charity. So that's exactly what we're doing on Wednesday, August 15th. A $5 suggested donation will be asked at the door with all the proceeds from that evening going directly to Brush Fire Painting.  Brush Fire Painting Workshops provides expressive painting classes to children and youth impacted by poverty, violence, and incarceration. They have been helping young painters unleash their creative potential in schools, community centers, and locked facilities since 2002.

Entertainment will be provided by Lord British (fantastic rock band) and Heathered Pearls (fantastic DJ).  Special thanks to the incredible Dan Redding of Magnetic State for the kick-ass flyer.  

Save the date - 8.15.12!


Our Thoughts on Manscaping

Around the frenzy of Beard Ball Brooklyn, we got a request from a lovely reporter/blogger/beard lover April Peveteaux for an interview for a possible feature in New York Magazine (which is one of Riss' life goals, FYI)... alas, the stars didn't align and B-a-B was cut out of the hairy coverage... no matter, what was NYMag's loss, was our gain. April and B-a-B founders have been friends ever since, and she even graced our presence at the Beard Ball Brooklyn (see below, surrounded by beardos... one of them being her hubby):

April's genuine love for beards cannot be denied (even by her own words in a recent post titled 5 Things About My Love Life, loving a man with a beard is on the list)... So, it goes without saying that when April tells us to jump, we ask how high... And ask us to jump she did... this time for a blog group she's writing for called The Stir.

Last week April sat Riss and I down for an interview about the beards from below, that is to say Manscaping... What resulted was an introspective look at the hairy theme, with our 'expertise' at the forefront... thank you for everyone who helped us with the post, your thoughts and points were well noted, and in some cases even used!

Check out the post here: Manscaping: Yes or No?



The Story of the "Power W"

While out and about in my favorite Lower East Side bar, or should I say holy beer shrine (aka Burp Castle aka Shush Central) this past weekend catching up with Riss post the hairy awesomeness that was 2010 Beard Ball... I stumbled upon Glenn Chocky (aka @ChockyDude) sitting comfortably and quietly at the bar (next to a lovely facial hair enthusiast of the fairer sex), and was immediately drawn to his certain je ne c'est quoi... ahh who am i kidding, just LOOK at this gorgeous specimen of facial hair DIY!

Upon closer examination and discussions with him (and his lady admirer) I discovered that Glenn calls this fantastic facial fuzz iteration (he has had various styles for 5+ years) the Power W, works as a producer in the beauty industry and refers to beards as "a version of Samson on your face" ... i mean, how can you NOT like this guy, right?!

Well, we'll tell you how... you see, Glenn also resides in Brooklyn and even admitted to us that he was talking about the Beard Ball earlier in the night we met him, and how he should've gone, was encouraged to by others, read about it... but, in the end, he didn't... Dude, how you gonna miss an event like that so close to home, have you no sense of community?! Also, awesome Tumblr site (no really, keep at it!) and non working namesake website... you probably couldn't find your way from Park Slope to Greenpoint anyhow.

Truth be told Glenn, the Power W intrigued B-A-B enough to stick with you, but to be brutally honest here... if your Twitter bio didn't quote my (non bearded) idol Hunter S. Thompson, your pics may have found the cutting room floor (like your chin hairs)... but you've redeemed yourself in the end. We better see you next year (or sooner) if you want to avoid another hairy situation.

Anyway, thanks for being a good sport (we kid those we love) and remember... I wouldn't risk getting thrown out from Burp Castle just for anybody... consider your story told.

P.S. I hope you wound up going home with that lady friend that night... the Power W deserves to.