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Eurovision 2014, you win the internet

Thanks to The Independent for alerting us to this, think we found the act we're backing to win Eurovision song contest... we're just going to leave this here...

Singing for Austria, meet Conchita Wurst, aka Tom Neuwirth, who has been performing as his alter ego Conchita since 2011. For this year's contest he will be singing 'Rise Like a Phoenix'. Tom's motto is: 'Be the best version of yourself rather than a bad copy of someone else'. Conchita is a symbol for tolerance and artistic freedom around the world.

Austria, way to prove it, you win the internet.
ORF/Thomas Ramstorfer


Pete Seeger 1919-2014


"Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don't." -- Pete Seeger

Rest in peace, good sir.


Welcome to the party, NYT?

Well gosh... I wonder why it took the New York Times over nearly 5 years to arrive at this conclusion... and to be honest, we are not the least bit surprised it took this long.

Look, I get it. It's the New York *fucking* Times, the paper of record, but c'mon, the bandwagon is totally overflowing by now.This is perhaps just another example about the state of the media, and it's impending doom. Alas, you're welcome world. The brooklyn beard is here (duh), read all about it.

We announced 2010 (2010!) as the year of the beard. It's 2014, the beard decade is nearly halfway over. Welcome to the party, you just became that guy or girl too engrossed with their own appearance that they showed up to the party when everyone is already passed out from having too good a time, without you.

The water is still warm... I guess you can dive in; f you can avoid all the others already swimming about.

The Brooklyn Beard Goes Mainstream


May it be the hairiest yet!

Happy new year our fellow beardsmen and stachemates! May 2014 bring you more control, less knots and only smoothness and no itching.

Much love from B-a-B

Photo curtesy of


The Beards Get What the Beards Take

Congrats to YOUR Boston Red Sox. World Champs!

The beards are strong with them, and they will be strong with the beards.


Reason 37,391 To Love The Red Sox

As if more reasons were needed to love America's most facial follicle friendly major sports team... the Boston Red Sox hosted its "Dollar Beard Night" promotion during Wednesday's game against the Orioles. The team offered $1 tickets to fans who showed up wearing a beard, real or fake. MAJOR hat-tip to my hometown bearded brethren of the Boston Beard Bureau for making the trek and making themselves heard, as always.


What a team (both of them)... they just keep killing it, we dont even dare not to mention the home team's lovely #getbeard promotion... god DAMN I love that team. GO SOX!

That is all, happy Friday.


No Reason IS a Reason

"Men's Wearhouse fires founder George Zimmer; no reason given" read the boldfaced and large fonted LA Times headline... and my heart sank.

As you may know, George Zimmer is the highly recognizable man behind the comforting voice telling men all over the US that he guarantees they will like the way they look... the soft, raspy, paternal even, voice engulfs you as the beard on George's face engulfs his chin... and you believed him. Besides, you never quite knew if he moonlighted as the most interesting man in the world, though you suspected that he probably was.

We don't know why the company severed ties with George, nor do we know if Mr. Zimmer deserved what was coming to him... we just hope that this is not another example in pogonophobia in the corporate world, which we will not accept nor ever lay down our arms against.

There really is just one thing Men's Warehouse can do to prove to us this is not the case... name a replacement with an even bigger, bushier, longer and uncut beard.

So, members of the Men's Warehouse board, the move is yours... #proveit


Oscar's Golden Beard Shines Bright

Forget about the falling on the way acceptance, the drug addled 'stars,' the mile a minute gibberish, the CGI bear or even Babs making people wet in the general eye area.

The Oscars last night were all about the beard. Full stop. Below is our proof, should you need it or missed it... we could go on pasting examples of fine facial hair fortitude, but thinking you agree we've made the case when the beardiest picture won top Honors, while best actor went to the dude protraying one of history's most famous beardo. 

Congrats Ben, you deserve it... you've come a long way since your hairless child-face in Reindeer Games. Kudos.

We are tagging this post under Beard Ball, because frankly that's what it was at heart, just take a look at the volume...

From the scruff of Liev...

To Jennifer Aniston's +1's slightly bigger mass:

Credit: Getty

The sly smile on Bradley's hairy face:

Credit: GettyTo Paul Rudd's Monet beard:

Credit: Herald SunHugh's chivalrous facial hair follicleness:

Tommy Lee's mainstay and tenured beard:

George's Oceanic chin mane:

And finally all the way to three producers, three beards, three Oscars... a billion smiling fans:


Of course our good friends at Pop Sugar already have a poll out who wore the best beard (though a limited selection). You can vote here.


BREAKING: Growing a beard is good for you

Beards, now with more science!

credit: DJ NATURE Poster at El Bar Bero
Don't say we didn't tell you so... but we did, and we were right. Beards are good, so good, they fight off cancer... yeah, that's right, fuck you cancer!

  • As per New Now Next a new study from the University of Southern Queensland, published in the Radiation Protection Dosimetry Journal, finds that beards block 90 to 95% of UV rays, thus slowing aging process and as an added bonus reduces the risk of skin cancer! Boom.
  • Remember all those jokes about crap stuck in people's beards? We are laughing last... per the study pollen and dust also get stuck one's facial hair, possibly reducing asthmatic issues... Boom, squared.
  • The study also reinforces the point that the longer/thicker the beard, the more moisture it retains while protecting your boyish face and perfect skin from wind. While on the flip side shows that shaving causes ingrown hairs which lead to bacterial infections also known as... acne! Kaboom.

Though the study was conducted on mannequins and not real beardos, we see a lot of validation in what we do, what you all grow and pretty much making sense of everything that is right with the world.

If you want to send us a thank you, you can email us at

Beard Accessories: Google Glasses

According do the The Independent, the following gentleman was spotted in NYC subways... stealthily riding the bowls of our concrete jungle with a stylish black zip-up top, a black beanie and a smirk on his face, attached to a lovely salt and pepper beard.

The smirk may have been tied to the fact that he was experiencing the world in a new light, under a new form of data digestion, and perhaps even augmenting his reality. It was one Sergey Brin, founder of Google. We are by no means endorsing Google, or their wacky glasses, but hey... with that beard, all the accessories he has on, are looking better and better.

Looking good Sergey, looking good...


A Beard Tease 

This picture by Billy & Hells for Garnier Fructis’ hair products looks awesome upon first glance, but look closer. Does that look like a beard to you or the back of a woman?

Read more.


Vote In The Beards

Happy voting day campers... did you vote yet? Yes? Good. No? GO VOTE! #proveit and vote in the beards.

I give you, the class of 2012 -- Barack OBeardy and Mitt Beardney:


Beard > Butter


Hopefully you're at least half as happy as Paula Deen heavy petting Hemingway... while high on butter.




10 Qs with Jason Miller

"Why keep shaving when I can have a werewolf fist on my face?"
-- Jason Miller

Jason Miller () was an intern at the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show (aka Elvis Duran and the Morning Zoo, aka the Elvis Duran Show, aka the number 1 syndicated radio morning show in the country) this past summer, and yes it's a show I am a fairly devout fan of. I went from a hater to a convert this past year, when I started to drive towork from time to time in the morning. I used to listen to this show all the time a long long time ago, when my brother would drive me places, and I hated it... Why? I can't possibly imagine now... it's a motley crew of characters, topics, and verbal mayhem, which is squarely up my alley.

Jason stood out from this year's cadre of interns at the show... mainly because he did a hilarious video series for called The Intern Interview, and, he had an awesome beard... Though everyone on the show is talented in their own right, Jason is clearly the only one with any facial hair to speak of, definitely the most fierce.

Wanting to give a the beardo like him the spotlight he deserves, I reached out to the show to make an interview with the owner of The Double Goat (see photo below) happen. When I found Jason, he was back in Iowa, scratching his chin and still hoping that the male cast of the show would indulge him in a Beard-Off... so, c'mon Elvis, Skeery, TJ, et al PROVE IT!

 Photo credit: Eric Miller1) Tell us about being an intern at the Elvis Duran Show, was it a Zoo?

Interning for Elvis Duran and The Morning Show was easily the most incredible experience I’ve had. It was such an amazing opportunity to work with best in the business and share my passion with them. Never a dull day and everyone has a blast working every day. I don’t think I can even call it work because it was just pure fun.

2) Is being on the radio a good pickup line still? Do you use it often? I’m sure Skeery Jones used it at least 5 times just today…

You honestly wouldn’t believe it but yea it definitely works. I’ve never flat out used it on purpose but when you are at a bar remote broadcasting live with headphones on and looking the part, girls definitely notice you. If anything it’s just an easier way to approach women at the bar and have a reason to talk to them. After that it’s more on your personality.

3) Do your stache hairs every get caught in the mic?

So far I’ve done a good job at keeping the beard out of the mic when it counts. But I would be lying if I said I haven’t rubbed my chin on the mic to see what it sounds like…

4) Is radio on the way out like sideburns or roaring back like the handlebar mustache?

Well I would have to say neither; it’s really just changing. Internet radio is becoming more prominent which is why they launched iHeartRadio.  I think morning show formats are really what’s keeping traditional radio alive.

5) Do you think Elvis will look good with a beard, or a stache… maybe a nice Dali will suit him, or a chin strap?

I think Elvis would look great with beard! I think he should go for the Kimbo Slice / Rick Ross look. But I also think he could pull off a clean Fu Manchu.

6) We hear TJ has/had some gnarly body hair… would he grow the biggest beard on the show, should there be a challenge?

TJ does a great job at keeping it just under the stubble zone. But I see the potential for greatness. If anything I think Skeery would be the biggest competitor. I’m always down for a Beard-Off.

7) What was your favorite Intern Interview of the series you spearheaded for the show?

Oh boy that’s a tough one. All four interviews were different in subtle ways, which was really me trying out different things. I definitely loved the Greg T interview because it was the first one. Had a blast with Carla Marie, she was hilarious to work with. The Ronnie interview was mostly us goofing around and seeing what we came up with which was a riot. But my favorite one in terms of conducting the interview was Skeery. Only because he was the one person that would make me drop character and crack up. I think it was because I caught him so off guard with it that his reactions just got me. But end result wise I can’t say, I enjoy them all!

8) What’s with your career path: you’re been to college, went to the #1 syndicated radio show in the country HQd in the best city in the world, and then left for… Iowa? What gives?

Hahahaha well let me explain…Born and raised in Duluth Minnesota but I go to college in Des Moines Iowa where I also work at the radio station KISS 107.5. We broadcast Elvis in the mornings so that was really how I first was introduced to the morning show. I then landed my internship for the summer and unfortunately had to come back to finish my last year of school. Don’t worry I don’t plan on being in Iowa much longer…

9) What advice would you give the young kids reading this interview about starting a career in Radio or show business broadly?

Well what I would say for not just radio but most industries is get your foot in the door. At a younger age the easiest way is via internship. But interns come and go so you have to stand out from all the interns before you, the other possible interns you will be working with, and the interns they haven’t even had yet. You have to be doing the things no one else is doing and let your passion and hard work ethic shine above the rest. After that it’s all a matter of constantly pushing yourself and learning as much as you can. Ultimately it comes down to passion. You can teach people the skills and for the most part how to do things, but you can’t teach passion. So follow your dreams and never stop till you get where you want to be. Don’t be afraid to show it and people will start paying attention to your actions.

10) What advice would you give non bearded men looking to take the plunge and dive head first into facial hair growing.

Everyone knows coffee and whiskey are the keys to a face full of hair…but really if you aren’t gifted in full force beard growth abilities, then I would say grow what you can and stick with it. Everyone has a transitional phase where you start to look like a freak…you just have to be dedicated to getting it as full as possible and then deciding what look to best roll with.


Happy Bearday America!

Beards and freedom go hand in chin. Happy Bearday America!




Diet Advice from a Beardly Pete Campbell

As the Business Insider reported: Vincent Kartheiser -- the actor behind Mad Men account executive Pete Campbell, resident creeper and lowlife (talking about Pete, I don't know Vincent) -- grew a beard (again). Which may make our image of him as (slightly) less creepy, maybe... you be the judge.

You may have missed this little factoid while reading the Business Insider story, since it was buried in a creepy story about his creepy diet tip that came out of the Andy Mannix story in City Pages about Kartheiser... quote:


"...He pulls his jeans a few inches away from his waist to prove how much weight he's already lost, exposing a pair of black briefs. Eight pounds, he says, the product of strict discipline: exercising every morning, fasting during the day, "and then I fuck at night — for a few hours, if I can." A devious grin stretches across his unshaven face, and he suddenly looks a lot like Pete Campbell..."

Credit: Tony NelsonCreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy McCreeeeepster.


'Spiral Beard,' it's a thing...

So, uh... Spiral Beards... it's a thing, and it is real. At least to spiral beard[s] and more tumblog...

Enjoy this cornucopia of what the blog founders themselves call "Taking monkey tail beards to the next level.. after the next level." Check out the site:

You're welcome?




Growing To Love Beard Comments

Yesterday, Build-A-Beard received a lovely email from Tyler Williams, a born & bred Orange County gentleman, who reached out to let us know that - should we be interested - he'd like to participate in an interview. From first glance at his vivacious beard & genuine heart, we were down to talk with him.


First, Tyler lives in Huntington Beach, California, where the beard scene has been "a pretty popular fad that's coming back from the 1920's & 30's." Tyler noted that he used to hate comments about his beard, but now he's grown to love them. He has sported his current (and only) beard for 7 years, which he started growing at the age of 25. "It has grown on me quite literally, and it has become part of my identity and how I recognize myself."  It started out as a bet - who among his friends could withhold shaving - but as Tyler won, so did his facial hair, as he decided not to cut it off and simply embrace it.  


More awesome on Tyler - "I try to be an artist as I love be creative. I write a bit too as just a free flowing outlet to express how I think I am feeling. I am thankful that there is a God out there that has blessed me and continues to bless me with a beautiful wife and 3 kids, a loving family, and a group of friends that I have acquired over time that will come and go in life, but to whom I'm forever indebted to. Without all these people in my life, I would just be a vagrant wanderer not knowing where I'm from and where I'm going."

Yep - confirmed. He's one awesome bearded man. 
(Photo credit: Tyson Smith)

Happy Bday Bobby!

Today is Bob Dylan's 71st bday... that is all.


Facebook IPO Inside Scoop

So D day is here -- F day probably is a bit crude -- Facebook is now public. You want in on the action, you want a taste of the hype, your chalice of koolaid is empty and you need a hit baaaaaaaaaaad... well, here's the inside scoop from the offices of Build-a-Beard CFO.

The FB stock wont do as good as you thought, or even as good as it should, for one simple fact we know (and you probably do too)... because of Mr. Zuckerber's (aka Zucks, aka Is that a question, aka FB CEO, aka I own your face, aka Richie Rich) facial hairlessness. A face that by all Google image research accounts has never even had as much as a stubble on his chinny chin chin.

For shame sir, you're public now... now more than ever you need to man up, grow up and like your ownership of Facebook, you need to maintain at least 53% of your face with hair. Consider this a challenge, we dare you to #proveit... or at least fund a facial hair charity like Movember, Bearduary or other facial hair cheerleaders like say... us... to help fight and stop pogonophobia.

Until then...