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The San Francisco 'Stache Situation

I am new to San Francisco and like a jilted lover, I am finding it hard to leave behind and forget about the pace, overall awesomeness, cut throat attitudes, and general kick-ass vibes of being a 7.5 New York City resident. Or Christ, I can say it - a New Yorker (after all, I earned that description).  So I am trying to cope.  

No, really.  

I've already been to Napa for a weekend, which was lovely.  I've gone to almost every cool restaurant in San Francisco via Yelp. I've sampled my fair share of beer, whiskey, and wine. I love Bi-Rite market. I've checked-in every day on Foursquare to my work's office. I've started my mornings eating granola. I've ended nights with a vegan Rosamunde sausage. I've tried my best not to puke while admiring yet another North Face jacket. I'm not 100% sold on this city, but hell, it's not a bad city to be in when compared to others so perhaps I should stop complaining.  

But then... then... I run into Mission Mustache (put on by the California League of Adult Scavenger Hunters) and try not to wince as I hear people stating that they're going to participate in events where "10 teams of late 20 to early 30-somethings will descend on the Mission in fake mustaches, following clues and racing to earn the most points by drawing mustaches on walls, urinating on mustached portraits in alleys, and striking up mustache-related conversations with strangers."

Perhaps the latter statement of that quote is cool, but the rest... what an amateur hour.  We don't hold events like this in NYC.  We hold events like a Beard Ball and we fork over a chunk of change to a cool, local non-profit or The Coney Island Beard & Mustache Competition or The NYC Beard & Mustache Competition vs. "trying to pee on Ghandi" for a set number of competitive points. 

Check out this passage from The Mission Local blog: "Hipsters with real mustaches stare as the green team chugs pints of Pabst Blue Ribbon at the 500 Club, and people walking up Guerrero stop in their tracks when they come across a 15-person human mustache pyramid on the sidewalk.  The last clue calls for the team to shotgun cans of PBR. They set up on the steps of someone’s apartment, where they shotgun and spew, and then toss their empty cans against the building."
Stay classy, San Francisco.   

But I shouldn't judge the beard/stache scene here solely on this article alone or this group.  After all, World Champion Jack Passion calls this city his home... so there is some big-time legitimacy for facial hair enthusiasts.

Perhaps this is my call-to-action. Perhaps what San Francisco needs is a NYer to throw an organized event and raise money for a local charity while supporting those who truly love their beards and mustaches -- grow them out of dedication and desire -- vs. trying to style a stranger's stache in order to win a 6-pack of PBR. 

It's time. I'll be in touch with solid plans for a 2012 gala, but let's not also forget about local Movember efforts. And in the meantime, keep your dicks in your pants and stop pissing in the Mission for the "cause" of mustaches.  



Globes of Hair

"Be afraid..." - Ricky Gervais

Two years ago, we were enthralled with John Hamm's beardiness, the beardos turn out, and the ratio of beaded winners... Last year though, we were disappointed with the show, the hairless turn out, the winners, the show, the people, the show...

What can we expect this year? Well... whatever happens, happens... at least, the very least, the beard attached to Ricky Gervais will be back. And we are not afraid, neither is Lenny Bruce.


From Cubs to Bear(d)s

"We must depend upon the Boy Scout Movement to produce the MEN of the future. " -  Daniel Carter Beard

Daniel Carter "Uncle Dan" Beard was an illustrator, author, youth leader, and social reformer who founded the Sons of Daniel Boone in 1905, which were later merged with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA)... he also had a pretty bitchin' goattee.

Well, more than 70 years after the death of Uncle Dan... the boy scouts finally started producing men of the future. And if you wondered, the men of the future will look like children with beards. Way to prove it Boy Scouts of America, well done.

4:32PM's $10K Movember Goal

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Not because of the upcoming holiday season, but because Movember is right around the corner. (Remember our interview last year?) To kick-off the season of raising awareness and funds for men's health issues, specifically cancer, has set a goal of $10K.

According to their blog post, "Last year 24 Trulia employees participated in the event and raised $2,486.34, but this year we’re aiming a lot higher and have a goal to raise $10,000 for the cause."  And that's where you, dear reader, come in - you can join's team! Check out the team captain.

Since its humble beginnings in Melbourne Australia, Movember has grown to become a truly global movement raising over $7.5 million US in 2010 alone.

Start growing, supporting, donating and joining Movember efforts!

(Logo credit:


Peanuts, Hot Dogs, Beards & Beer


The center of Amish life in America is closer to a donut than a whoopie pie. The outlying farmland of Lancaster, PA, is dotted with silos, buggies, propane tanks and volleyball courts. But the center of town is conspicuously devoid of the Donegal-sporting men of humble buttons. Not for lack of an invitation, though.

"The Amish are America's original beardsmen. And we would love for you to be a judge," Phil Olsen told a suspender-clad father of five in the last minutes of Amish camp Friday afternoon. The deal-breaker, as it probably would have been for any Amish he'd have asked, was the photography issue. Amish don't cotton to having graven images made of them or their families. And as many of the contestants Saturday will attest, the moment a beard entered Clipper Stadium for the Second Annual Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships, camera time was unavoidable.

Moreso this year perhaps due to a certain IFC reality show. Even seasoned bearding veterans could feel the momentum and stigma of Whisker Wars hanging over the competition. The show undeniably attracted a new breed of fan, giving the Championships a noticeable boost in attendance. But that same attention was painted with an expectation of drama and politics.

Jon Rice"Is Jack Passion really a dick? Are the Texas guys really that petty? How much of that show is real?" cooed a Whisker Wars superfan whose own whiskers appeared about as old as the series. Myk O'Connor and Jon Rice, who were waiting in the same will call line, were patient and polite, neither of them indulging in the opportunity to perpetuate the hype.

And there the hype stopped. On-show rivals competed on-stage together without a hitch. With the exception of the evil fifth Teletubby accosting Jack Passion at one point, most controversy revolved around the newly minted Full Beard Groomed category.

At last year's Nationals, the more tightly cropped among beards were forced to compete in either Full Beard Natural or Freestyle, leaving world-class Verdis and Garibaldis to stand alongside the likes of Aarne Bielefeldt and Willi Chevalier. The Full Beard Groomed category was designed to mitigate this issue and give those with shorter growth a fair chance to compete.

"It's a step in the right direction," remarked John Myatt, whose immaculately trimmed, crimson Verdi took top Groomed honors, "but there needs to be more categories. There were a bunch of big, wonderful beards that weren't very groomed."

Gormon wasn't alone in that sentiment as category talk occupied the bulk of the Beard Team USA meeting the next day in the Lancaster suburb of Intercourse, PA. There, concerns were voiced for category fairness, the limitations of the English language and the marginalization of moustaches.

 But after a meeting of mild grievances, competition announcements, screening invitations, Vegas talk and one wedding announcement (congrats Steve and Savannah), it was just a pleasant afternoon of beards, pulled pork, a couple Amish kids playing volleyball nearby and Jack Passion being photographed on a swing.


This story was lovingly and kindly written by Build-a-Beard's first ever freelancer scout and gonzo journalist, John Benedict (aka America's Beard). From the bottom of our hairy hearts, thank you John!


Fear and Loathing in Lancaster

The Second Annual Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships is kicking off it's multiple days of activity today, with the final (and main) event being held on October 8, 2011 at the Clipper Magazine Stadium, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania... home of the fighting Amish (no, not really, it's actually Lancaster Barnstormers).

There are a few things different this year than the inaugural contest last year in Bend Oregon... Yes, Jack Passion is still MCing, it is still a total of $5000 ($1000 per category) in cash to be awarded to the winners and yes there will be beards and staches and goatees and fake beards (on friday)... but two glaring differences are of note: The competition will take place in five (not 4) categories, he newbie being the full beard groomed category, in addition to the moustache, partial beard, full beard natural, and freestyle. 

And perhaps most importantly... Build-a-Beard will (begrudgingly) bow out of competition, and even attendance, this year... Sad, shocking, yes we know... but we have holy reasons for doing so, trust us.

That said, we will be there in spirit, and in body... not our body but another beardo, John Benedict (aka America's Beard) filling in as the first ever freelance beard scout and B-a-B blogger. John will not only be one with the bearded Amish, he will compete, he will drink, he will report back and he will be awesome... his beard and his energy will not disappoint (no pressure, John).

iBeard -- RIP

"Banks don't like beards." - Steve Jobs, 1999

It is with great sadness we inform you of what by now you already know... The icon of beards in Silicon Valley (perhaps anywhere), the most innovative beard of all time, the sage of the fruity tech and the ultimate proof that beards and dreams go together, Steve Jobs has passed away at the age of 56.


We will miss you Steve (we miss you already), but we know you're in a better place... side by side with the almighty, another long time successful beardo. When he checks his iList at the Pearly Gates, you're sure to be right at the top.

Your iBeard has always been everyone's Beard, and it will live on in all of us.


Bad-Ass Beard Spotting #FTW01

Tweet tip to Matthew for letting us know that Mike Monteiro is not only working on a first mailing for Quaterly, "a subscription service that enables people to receive physical items in the mail from influential contributors of their choice," but also that Mr. Monteiro sports one monstrous beard that could easily rock his own face off.  

Check out the power:
(Photo credit: Quarterly



Stache 2012

We have always said at B-a-B that facial hair transcends politics. Our love and devotion to promoting global hirsute appreciation goes beyond and above any other social issue (or fiscal)... that said, it should be the goal of all beardos and stachemates to eliminate pogonophobia from all corners of the world. Arguably, the best way to do this is to elect officials with facial hair.

Those mates are hard to find (and even harder to find are the gals)... but, we have found one. If you haven't met or heard of him yet, please meet Herman Cain, he is currently running for president of the United States. Like or dislike his politics, or that of his GOP compadres (all of whom, including Michele Bachmann) are facial hairless.

Herman, who recently won the Florida Straw Poll, you have our support... just don’t shave. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can grow for your country.


Soup Just Got Hairy

Happy weekend beardos! We love being woken up by a buzzing phone, especially when it's with a new hairy find attached to a face of an old friend attached to it.

Check out the new beard kid on the tumblr block, {Beardsoup}, whom today featured a great old friend of B-a-B, Gary W Norman of The Society of Bearded Gentlemen (aka THE Buddha Bear).


Good stuff. Looks like Tumblr is getting quite the influx of late in the beard food category; cupcakes, soup... what's next, cream cheese? pizza?


What's in YOUR Beard?

We LOVE a good comedy skit, a cute video or picture with hairy protagonist... let alone two! And more over, we LOVE knowing what happens to wind up in people's beards.

So, take some time off this friday afternoon and check our this item sent to us all the way from the great state of Minnesota. This is the first (?) in a series (?) asks the question we all want to know: What's in your beard?


How Do You Brush Your Beard?

With utensils or a proper comb?

(Via BuzzFeed)


SoundCloud EyeEm Summer Party at Picknick

Yesterday afternoon, I jetted from London to Berlin to attend SoundCloud EyeEm's Summer Party held at Picknick. Although this was an "office" party (a party that went from 7 pm - 9 am Sunday morning and had over 1,000 people in attendance at one point), I couldn't help but also feel that it was a borderline beard meet-up. I have never seen such a sea of hairy faces (and this coming from someone who used to live in Brooklyn).

It is no coincidence that SoundCloud's founder & CEO has a beard - has a staff of tech beards and/or mustaches working there - and that I'm their US PR Manager.  

It was a great soiree. Here are some stand-out beards to admire (below), more on EyeEm, and conversations captured during the event

Photo: Alexander Ljung, Founder and CEO, SoundCloud

Photo: SoundClouders Eric Wahlforss, Founder & CTO; Dave Haynes, VP Biz Development (Content)

Photo: Ben Fawkes, Audio Content Manager, SoundCloud

Photo: Sarah Haswell, Music Content Team

Photo: Ramzi Rizk, Founder CTO, EyeEm


Whisker Wars (with a Grain of Salt)

For Build-a-Beard, this week it's all about Whisker Wars, as the last year has been for many beardos... so it's hard to distill a weeks' worth of hype and madness into one post... or video, or picture... moreover, it's even harder if your technology (e.g. FlipCam mega fail coupled with no WiFi at the launch event) fail worse than hair-sparyed facial hair in the rain... That said, we always try to bring you the story in that beloved gonzo hairy fashion regardless of technological, follicle or sense of humor deficiencies... this post is no different.


First off, I must say I loved the launch event; from the wooden mustache combs, to the Carstache love, the free food and drink, and even the complimentary beard trim courtesy of The Blind Barber (I survived)... but most importantly, it was because it's awesome to see all of our beardy friends again. Namely, Brooklyn Beard King Mark Krayenhoff, the many Coney Island competitors, and of course Myk, Phil, and (THE) Jack, as well as the other Whisker Wars and bearding stars (specifically Alex LaRoche - Austin Facial Hair Club, whom I had the privilege to follow onto the stage at National's, as seen in this video).


Now, sometimes a tech fail is a blessing in disguise, and because I really do not want to do the talking and writing and biasing you for or against reality TV and docucomedies like Whisker Wars (or any other "Wars" related shows)... I'll leave it to Phil, who said it best in my failed attempt at an interview early on in the launch event festivities. 


Keep this sage advice in mind when watching tonight's premier episode and any of those that follow... (the full interview and 2nd attempt can be found here). I will just add that, the beards on Whisker Wars transcend reality, they then for sure transcend reality TV.


Beard on America, beard on...

Bubba Smith, Stache God, NFL Star and Actor... Dead at 66

Long live the stache of Bubba Smith, long live Moses Hightower... we will miss you greatly. RIP you glorious Stache you.




Yo Philly - Where's Your Soul... Patch?

A little late here (forgive me, I've been in Berlin scouting beards - more on that soon), but Philadelphia’s School Police are implementing a new dress and grooming code that bans goatees and soul patches, but permits beards.  Besides the ban on goatees and soul patches, facial hair "just below the lower lip and above the chin," are also forbidden for men on duty.   

As reported by The Philadelphia Inquirer, "District spokeswoman Shana Kemp said Patterson was seeking to address "ineffective past culture among school police officers" and establish "a sense of discipline among officers."

So why are beards allowed?  The same district spokeswoman noted, "beards are allowed in order to make allowances for those officers with religious preferences and those with skin conditions that are affected by constant shaving."

Michael Lodise, president of the union representing 635 part and full-time school police, stated that "I have guys calling me every day about the grievance. They want to grow it back." 

But Philadelphia School Police are not the only law enforcement (or city) enacting these "groom" laws



1 Man, 1 Year, 100 Dates (and a beard)

Are you a girl who lives in the tri state area? Do you lay awake thinking "damn, I wish there were more nice guys out there"? Do you constantly wonder why more guys don't start websites? Do you have the urge to touch and caress... beards? Well, thanks to a tip from one of the thousands of scouts we deployed around the world when we launched B-a-B, we found Evan.

Evan, after spending years as a serial monogamist, found himself with a broken heart and a hairy chin... so, he decided to start One Hundred Dates (on Vimeo), a social experiment and personal quest. Inspired by Gaby Dunn’s incredible 100 Interviews, he created a list of 100 dates that he will go on. In one year. About 2 dates a week (oh, to have his problems). So, if you want to watch him "stumble and fall on the way to manhood" tune in to

And all you beard and scruff loving ladies, check out more about Evan below, and help a beardo out. Take one for the team, or two... or 50.


Trade Brian Wilson's Beard, Seriously

As if Brian Wilson hasn't gotten enough fame for his black beard, it seems that now men, women, and children (of all ages) will be able to carry a piece of it around with them, most likely in their back pockets. As reported by ESPN, Wilson's beard officially has it's own baseball card - called "The Closer."

"As part of its Allen & Ginter baseball set, a product based on 1880s tobacco cards of the same name, there are 10 Fabulous Face Flocculence cards to be found.

As stated above, these cards will feature several types of beards -- The Darwin, The Bib, The Lincoln, The Goat-Patch,The Neckbeard, Thunderchops, and now The Closer.

If you're not one of the lucky 10 to score a beard card randomly, they're being sold on eBay starting at $15.51


Casting Call: Grow It Out For Abe Lincoln

Have you long been an admirer of Abe Lincoln's beard? Well, this Friday, July 22nd, the production company shooting Spielberg's Lincoln movie will be in Richmond, Virginia, to hold an open casting call for men (20 years or older) who have dedicated years to growing out their beards and want to get possible Hollywood recognition for their commitment, potential fame, and a paycheck for their hairy efforts.    

The Virginia Film Office stated, "If you’re interested and presently have long hair and/or a beard, or you are able to stop shaving and cutting your hair until the casting director comes to the area next week, please come to an open call."

This is an all day casting call, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., held at the Greater Richmond Convention Center
(Photo: Abe)



Growing It Out For A Ring

Not that we need more proof on the popularity of beards in our culture, but a recent infographic focusing on Kim Kardashian's $2 million dollar wedding ring used the length of beards (and proper coloring) to determine just how long it would take the average man to save up enough money to purchase this monster if he didn't shave.  

So if you are hoping to score a ring the size of your ass as well - best to focus on CEOs and surgeons.  

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