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Meme My Beard

You've probably seen this around all over the interwebs and the cyberspaces... and you had to know it'd get to this, right? If you're a beard wearing man (or beard loving woman), or not, you will nod your head in approval here... or not. If you're fed up with this meme, remember to not blame the beard!

(thank you Bayou Beard Association for the tip)

For those that have seen WAY too many of these meme fails around already... this is for you:


Beard Particles and Facial Hair Electrons

I've been a little (a lot) obsessed with Brooklyn's own Pearl and the Beard after meeting them and seeing them folk out for the first time... which resulted in the darling post 10Qs with Pearl and the Beard

And it's not just Jeremy's fantastically growing chin mane (which is totally awesome by the way)...

via instagram

It's also the music, and lyrics, and the sound, and stopmping, and also sighs, oh did i mention the music? So, check out the troupe's latest video below, it's for 'Prodigal Daughter.' The kid is so cute, it'll make you forget that Jeremy's beard does not make an appearance.

NOTE: Pearl and the Beard are hitting the stage at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Thursday 2/16. Click over to their site for ticketing info.


Negative Beard is Positive

Happy Monday,

Stare into the red dot for 30 seconds. Then blink into a blank (preferably white) wall. Then, consider your mind blown.

This is proof (thank you Tumblr) that there is no negativity in beards, even when talking about a negative. Pogonophobia be damned!

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Sergey Brin - Google His Beard!

That's right! Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, is sporting a beard. Thanks to the hard-hitting tech reporting of Business Insider this was brought to our attention.  


Shit Brooklyn Beards Say

"We wear pants, you know? Someone had to do that, had to go through that, wearing pants, you know? So, um, I figured, you know, I'm a fuckin' try a beard."

If we believe Jack Passion, which we do, that the epicenter of US beards is undeniably the pacific northwest... it has to be told that it is so in mass, not per capita. That title belongs to Brooklyn, period, full stop, moving on.

Case in point, see Jana Schmieding (@janaunplgd) exposé on Brooklyn Beards... which we renamed, Shit Brooklyn Beards Say.




Michael Cera vs. Pringles

"If he was trying to look like Magnum P.I., Michael Cera didn’t do very well with his new mustache. If the plan was to look like a young Mr. Pringle however, mission accomplished!" - WWTDD

So who wears the 'stache better?



Beard Behind Game of Thrones

"Like a graybeard king, George R.R. Martin sat near the center of the ballroom at the 69th Annual Golden Globes and watched the royal court of Hollywood pass by his table Sunday night and, yes, in a room packed with lithe starlets and square-jawed leading men it was easy to pick out the only plump fantasy novelist in the room." - Los Angeles Times

Does it come as any surprise that Game of Thrones mastermind (his bestselling series of fantasy novels 'A Song of Ice and Fire' was adapted by HBO for their dramatic series) rocks a beard?  We could say the creativity flows from his fingertips, but it's the beard hair.  

Check out his incredible Website if you're in need of further proof on how awesome this guy is -

(Photo credit: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times)


Blood Sugar Sex Mustache

Red Hot Chili Peppers have just released their video for the first single off of 'I'm With You,' the troupe's latest album... Love it/them or hate it/them (the new guitarists is a robot, we are sure of it), what we absolutely love is the now permanent (and prominent) stache on the upper lip of front-man Anthony Kiedis. Kudos!


Rupert Murdoch’s No. 2

Is this man - Chase Carey.
(Photo credit: Ramin Talaie/Bloomberg News)

From New York Times: "He’s completely disconnected from the whole saga. He’s running the business,” the media tycoon and investor Haim Saban said of Mr. Carey. At a tumultuous time, “he’s the Rock of Gibraltar,” Mr. Saban added."

He also rocks one hell of a nice salt & pepper 'stache.


Mustache Hope

"The time is always right to do what is right." Martin Luther King Jr

Honoring the memory of Dr. King we often forget, the man also rocked a pretty amazing stache... we musn't forget Dr. King's willingness to not conform to the fresh faced madness of the 50s and 60s and rock what he wanted, when he wanted, because it was the right thing to do... The memory of his daring actions, ideals and ideas should linger longer than one day a year.


If Apple Made An iBeard...

... it would look like Jim Dalrymple's. The editor-in-chief of The Loop has been writing about Apple for more than 17 years, but growing his 15" beard since 2007. You must be somebody pretty special if Steve Jobs once recognized you (with or without facial hair). BaB had the esteemed privilege to speak with Jim about how his beard "kind of snuck up on him and took over his life," the craziest moment he's had playing with another serious bearded professional, what his beard likes to drink, and the best conference to attend for true facial hair scouting.

BaB: So Jim, how long is your beard currently?  What’s the longest length it’s been?
Just sitting on my face, the beard is about 9-inches. However, it's curly, so if you straighten it out, it measures about 15 inches. I think that's about the longest it's ever been -- to be honest, this is the first time I've ever measured it.
BaB: You have a stellar professional career, most notably your position at Macworld – was the outlet supportive in your efforts to grow your beard?  Did anyone try to make you shave?
The folks at Macworld were great about the beard. Nobody there ever put up any kind of a fight about me shaving. Of course, they made fun of the beard, but that's fine, I can handle that. If you are going to have a beard like this, you have to expect some of that.
BaB: We paid tribute to the bearded life of the belated Steve Jobs – was his growing journey inspirational to you?  Did you ever meet him?  Did he ever comment on your facial hair?
Steve was inspirational to me in a lot of ways, but not with the beard. Zakk Wylde was my inspiration for growing the beard. I did meet Steve once, but I didn't have the beard then. It was a very short conversation -- he said he knew my writing and I said thanks and left. What more could you ask for than to have Steve recognize you.
BaB: You’re an avid guitarist with over 20 years of experience playing – what’s the craziest moment you’ve had with your beard as a musician?
Wow, that's tough. Maybe hugging Zakk Wylde before he went on stage with Ozzy in Chicago. I played "Summertime Blues" with Roger Daltrey in LA and he looked at me and said "Do they make all Canadians like you?"  Those were both great moments for me.
BaB: What's the best conference to attend if you're hoping to scout tech beardos?
The conference I like the most for beards is NAMM. So many great beards there, but not necessarily tech beards. If you go to CES you'll see lots of baby beards, but nothing substantial.
BaB: Who is your bearded hero? Why?
Definitely Zakk Wylde. I love Zakk's music and his approach to his fans and the way he plays guitar.
BaB: Anything else we should know?
I was surprised two years ago to see that my beard had its own Twitter account (@dalrymplesbeard). I tell people that I don't do it, but I'm not sure they believe me -- it's true, I don't do it. Every once in a while, it'll speak up on something and then goes quiet again.

Another interesting note -- the beard loves Heineken. Only Heineken.
(Photos courtesy of Jim's Facebook page -- taken with permission) 

You can follow him on Twitter @jdalrymple and on his Website at The Loop.

Braun's NYC Demographics

Thanks to the myriad of beard scouts we have out in the field, whether they are aware of their roles or not (in this case Mido Aboshihata aka @mid0 is not) we find or stumble on awesome gems... we love them even more if they are in New York or San Francisco (B-a-B home markets)...

Check out this awesome (and accurate) ad by Braun, a frenemy of B-a-B, near NYC subways.

Dear Braun, we'd support you buddy, if you ditched the 'shave' part of this 'business strategy' of yours... style and trim is ALL you need. Take note, Braun... if that is your real name.


"Tickle Your Fancy" Before The Holidays

NYC take note -- now until December 23rd you can catch John Gordon Gauld's exhibit, "Tickle Your Fancy," at Salomon Contemporary. "The short-term exhibition will display a medley of facial hair in an installation of over 100 works on paper. The beard and moustache series was originally commissioned by Bergdorf Goodman for their windows showcasing the 2011 Men's collection. Because of its overwhelming response, the works are now presented in a gallery setting."

Continuing from Salomon's website, David Coggins declared in his essay for Bergdorf Goodman, Beards: A Fierce Defense, "the beard is an essential expression of man's nature" and "Above all things, the beard is a show of generous temperament. A man has a faceful of hair, and he rightly wants to share it with the world. Or perhaps he just doesn't feel like shaving. Regardless, a beard is something that most men feel compelled to try at least once, like vegetarianism." Coggins goes on to say, "the bearded man is fearless, but he never forgets that he is more than his beard—it frames his face but never defines the man."

ArtInfo reviewed the exhibit -- "it features such tried-and-true favorites as the Fu Manchu, the Handlebar, and the Chops, as well as dark horses like the Pornstar ‘Stache, the Goatee, and the Waxed Villain, this exhibition speaks to a contemporary renaissance of facial coiffure."

Wow.  Don't miss this before the holiday madness kicks in!  
(Photo credit: Etsy)




Tyrannical Hirsute-ness

All praise be to Sacha Baron Cohen and his forthcoming new film The Dictator. Cohen, who plays a Middle East dictator who is very well represented in the hairy chin area... Keeping up his support of facial fortitude he started with other characters from such classics as Borat (stache) and Ali G (chin strap).


We approve this movie, without support of the actions Cohen is so capable to pretend to endorse... Tyrants are bad, beards are good. Dont blame the beard and enjoy the show!


Neil Halstead's Merry Beardmas

Neil Halstead - Home For The Season is a track that will be appearing on "This Warm December Vol. 2" which also features tunes from Jack Johnson, G. Love, Matt Costa and the rest of the Brushfire family, check it out at

Surely, and without question, Neil is the beardiest of them all... so, enjoy this beautiful tune, and we here at Build-a-Beard hope you get home for the season, and get there with a full on beard (or mustache).


Holiday Want List....

... And these mustache nails are on it!
(Photo: The Beauty Department


Google Schemer

Google has a new product out called, Schemer. Check out TheNextWeb for more information on it.  

For now, we're smiling about Google's decision to include a mustache in their new logo and promo video.



Mustache Shoes by Bstreetshoes

What's better than a new pair of 2" black heels? -- Mustache shoes of course!  I found Bstreetshoes on Etsy while I was hunting for Movember items and immediately ordered a pair of his gorgeous, customizable, hand painted, shoes.  He has 100's of beautiful art shoe options and I am sure the creatives could pitch him other great ideas, but for now, I am walking around The Mission sporting these instant classics.  

Also worth noting, these shoes are TOMS -- so every pair purchased = new pair of shoes to a child in need.

Jealous?  I would be too if they weren't already on my feet. 


Stand By Movember

Well, Movember is over... and it's antics like these in office buildings and cubuicles all over the world that we will miss... while these aren't the most hairy of upper lips, this example made us smile.

Remember kiddies, Build-a-Beard, is a place where every month is Movember and every day is Bearduary.


End of Movember - Gala Partés

This year, I decided to cover Movember's end-of-the-month-party in San Francisco. The evening consisted of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas dressed up in their best Movember costume (read: whatever inspires you), showcasing their immaculate grooming techniques and competing for a number of category titles including:

  • Best Mo in Character
  • Miss Movember
  • Man of Movember 2011 

In addition, San Francisco's own Moustache Harbor jammed the entire night showing off both their commitment to growing and musical talents.  

Traditionally, the end of Movember is marked across the US (and around the world) with a series of Gala Partés to thank their Mo Bros and Sistas for their outstanding fundraising efforts during the past month.  Last year, San Francisco's end-of-mustache-month soiree had roughly 300 people.  This year, at least 500 people RSVP'd and bought tickets to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the night:

Official Movember tickets

Most creative female 'stache of the night! 

Movember men

Movember stage

70s stache represented (before)

Disco madness...

70s 'stache (After)

Chest 'stache

Da Bears (one of my favorite from the evening)

Proper 'staches

Religious 'stache

Apple 'stache.


The end.  

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