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Mansome = Must See

"You can't let the mustache break you. You've got to wear the mustache!"

IF there is a summer flick I am watching - it's Mansome.  Already out in select theaters, this documentary explores a man's identity in the 21st century. "From America's greatest beardsman, to Morgan Spurlock's own mustache, executive producers Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Ben Silverman along with models, actors, experts, and comedians weigh in on what it is to be a man in a world where the definition of masculinity has become as diverse as a hipster's facial hair in Williamsburg. The hilarious follicles of men's idiosyncratic grooming habits are thoroughly combed over as men finally take a long hard look in the mirror."

In the age of manscaping, metrosexuals, and grooming products galore - what does it mean to be a man?  My answer - sweet facial hair.  Maybe I am wrong.... maybe I am right. To each their own. Let's watch the film.


Get "Dalrympled"

Remember when Jim Dalrymple granted us an epic Q&A back in January?  Well, someone started a tumblr blog in his honor... and it's pretty glorious.  We want you to grow your own, but a little experimentation online to show people their facial hair potential never hurt anyone...
(Leo Laporte of TWiT... with a new look)


San Francisco Film Premiere Of "Beard Club"


Friday, June 22nd -- Don't miss this film San Francisco!


Justin James Muir's Bearded Crusade 


                                                         (Photo credit: Justin James Muir)

Justin James Muir wants you to buy his book, "A Book of Beards," but not for reasons you might assume. It's a not for profit book capturing the rugged elegance, style, and glamour of beards with all funds from the first pressing going to help his friend who was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  The second pressing will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The first pressing consists of 500 books and he's sold roughly 250. "A Book of Beards" is self-published so Justin is relying on word-of-mouth marketing to push the $45.00/book donation. His goal is to start the second pressing in the next couple of months. Let's help him reach it, and in the meantime, get to know more about Justin... 

BAB: What gave you the idea to compose a beard book -- you noted you took 10 beard portraits in April 2011, but why did you even do that?  What's your fascination with beards? 

Justin: When I moved to West Chester, PA, I noticed that the beard culture was a bit bolder than other places I had been; it was a little uncharacteristic of an otherwise neat and tidy town. All the while, I was sharpening my portrait photography skills, and decided to focus my lens on all of these beards. From the first portrait, I knew the black and white format would fit the mood of the men who sported these gnarly beards. I started photographing friends, which then grew into approaching strangers on the street. I was obsessed with beards, always on the lookout, wherever I went. So I built a tiny portable studio that was easy to travel with. Now, I could take portraits anywhere—houses, bars, my living room, backyards, and eventually I found myself at beard competitions. You can see my portable studio in some of the photos. 

Do you have a beard?  
Right now, yes. Not anywhere close to the ones in the book. A while back I had a really long beard, but now I generally let it grow for a month or two then shave.

All-in-all, how long did this book take you to compose/put together?  
I started taking photos last March, and the books landed on my doorstep this June. So all in all just over a year.

Have you been in touch with Beard Team USA
No, I haven't, but there are a couple guys in the book from that team. There are also a couple of guys who were on the IFC show Whisker Wars!

How did you choose what beards you'd photograph?  Are all of the subjects living in West Chester, PA?
A lot are from West Chester, but there are beards from all over the country. Some I met while traveling, some I met at beard compitions, and some were friends. 

Anything else you'd like our audience to know? 
So, I actually have not been into photography for terribly long. My mom bought me my first camera 2 christmas's ago. For the first year I just shot friends family functions and learned how to use my DSLR. My mom said I was good, so I thought she had to be right. My second year of photography, I entered into a 365 challenge with myself. Take a picture every day for 365 days. you can view the entire project on my flickr account. This forced me daily to get better at photography. I learned so much that year and although I hated the project at times, its made me a better photographer. And as you can see from the project, I got some great shots, but also A LOT of really horrible ones. I went to college for design and have been creating and directing art for years. So it was easy to apply my knowledge from those fields into photography. An advantage I don't think everyone has. Now in my third year of taking photos, I get to release my first book!

In 1997, my twin brother was diagnosed with leukemia. It was a surreally experience and made it stranger because we were twins. Although it was a long fight, he is now, thankfully, 100% healthy and cancer free. A huge part of his success and the success of current leukemia survivors is due to the help of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. My family has actively taken on the cause, and for the past 10 years my mother has volunteered and worked for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to further their efforts.  

                                              (Photo credit: Justin James Muir)


Diet Advice from a Beardly Pete Campbell

As the Business Insider reported: Vincent Kartheiser -- the actor behind Mad Men account executive Pete Campbell, resident creeper and lowlife (talking about Pete, I don't know Vincent) -- grew a beard (again). Which may make our image of him as (slightly) less creepy, maybe... you be the judge.

You may have missed this little factoid while reading the Business Insider story, since it was buried in a creepy story about his creepy diet tip that came out of the Andy Mannix story in City Pages about Kartheiser... quote:


"...He pulls his jeans a few inches away from his waist to prove how much weight he's already lost, exposing a pair of black briefs. Eight pounds, he says, the product of strict discipline: exercising every morning, fasting during the day, "and then I fuck at night — for a few hours, if I can." A devious grin stretches across his unshaven face, and he suddenly looks a lot like Pete Campbell..."

Credit: Tony NelsonCreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy McCreeeeepster.


'Spiral Beard,' it's a thing...

So, uh... Spiral Beards... it's a thing, and it is real. At least to spiral beard[s] and more tumblog...

Enjoy this cornucopia of what the blog founders themselves call "Taking monkey tail beards to the next level.. after the next level." Check out the site:

You're welcome?




9 Years Later, ZZ Top Is Still Rocking

I love our readers. Today, someone let B-a-B know that ZZ Top's first new music EP (a four-track digital collection from ZZ Top that offers the first new studio recordings from “That Little Ol’ Band From Texas") came out a few days ago - "Texicali." It's the band's 1st new set of songs in nearly a decade.  His beard is still incredible.   


Growing To Love Beard Comments

Yesterday, Build-A-Beard received a lovely email from Tyler Williams, a born & bred Orange County gentleman, who reached out to let us know that - should we be interested - he'd like to participate in an interview. From first glance at his vivacious beard & genuine heart, we were down to talk with him.


First, Tyler lives in Huntington Beach, California, where the beard scene has been "a pretty popular fad that's coming back from the 1920's & 30's." Tyler noted that he used to hate comments about his beard, but now he's grown to love them. He has sported his current (and only) beard for 7 years, which he started growing at the age of 25. "It has grown on me quite literally, and it has become part of my identity and how I recognize myself."  It started out as a bet - who among his friends could withhold shaving - but as Tyler won, so did his facial hair, as he decided not to cut it off and simply embrace it.  


More awesome on Tyler - "I try to be an artist as I love be creative. I write a bit too as just a free flowing outlet to express how I think I am feeling. I am thankful that there is a God out there that has blessed me and continues to bless me with a beautiful wife and 3 kids, a loving family, and a group of friends that I have acquired over time that will come and go in life, but to whom I'm forever indebted to. Without all these people in my life, I would just be a vagrant wanderer not knowing where I'm from and where I'm going."

Yep - confirmed. He's one awesome bearded man. 
(Photo credit: Tyson Smith)

Make The 'Stache Last

Jami Welch is one of my awesome colleagues at SoundCloud (where he works on the community team).  In his spare time he creates electronic music under the name Seams. When he's not working or making beats, he's growing one bad-ass mustache. So cool, that I believe his signature 'stache now replaces Justin's beard as my favorite facial hair at the company (sorry, Justin).  This level of achieventment also means that you can't shave, Jami -- ever.  
(Photo credit: David Noël

Happy Bday Bobby!

Today is Bob Dylan's 71st bday... that is all.


Two Mustaches Are Better Than One

Mustache pasties! It's going to be an awesome summer. 

(Photo credit: Prof. Phineaas Orville Potts)



Facebook IPO Inside Scoop

So D day is here -- F day probably is a bit crude -- Facebook is now public. You want in on the action, you want a taste of the hype, your chalice of koolaid is empty and you need a hit baaaaaaaaaaad... well, here's the inside scoop from the offices of Build-a-Beard CFO.

The FB stock wont do as good as you thought, or even as good as it should, for one simple fact we know (and you probably do too)... because of Mr. Zuckerber's (aka Zucks, aka Is that a question, aka FB CEO, aka I own your face, aka Richie Rich) facial hairlessness. A face that by all Google image research accounts has never even had as much as a stubble on his chinny chin chin.

For shame sir, you're public now... now more than ever you need to man up, grow up and like your ownership of Facebook, you need to maintain at least 53% of your face with hair. Consider this a challenge, we dare you to #proveit... or at least fund a facial hair charity like Movember, Bearduary or other facial hair cheerleaders like say... us... to help fight and stop pogonophobia.

Until then...



By now you know... Adam "MCA" Yauch of Beastie Boys fame has passed away. We mourn him not only as a musical trailblazer, fellow tribesman, a great axeman, sick rhymealogist or a Brooklyn brother... we mourn him as a fellow beardsman. Even in the early days (see at the bottom) Adam was scruffy... and toward the end he was a full beardo. We will miss you, and sing your laurels for years to come, MCA. Rest in Peace.

You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man

Stellar advice? - Perhaps. But it's actually a great song by the Australian band The Beards. This band has written recent hits such as "The Beard Stays," "I'm in the Mood For... Beards," along with rarities such as "A Wizard Needs a Beard."  Most of the classics are available now on SoundCloud

The concept of The Beards is easy to grasp -- a folk-rock band that exclusively writes and performs songs on the ultimate facial hair style -- beards.  According to their Website, "The Beards formed in 2005 – a dark time for the beards. It was a time when having a beard could mean unemployment, social isolation, and sometimes death. That’s when four defiant bearded men from South Australia decided enough was enough, and the beard revolution began."

Check 'em out: 

(The Beards' 3rd album "Having A Beard Is The New Not Having A Beard.")


Holy Beards

Happy Sunday everybody!

On this holiest of weekends where paths of Christians and Jews meet when Passover meets Easter, we wanted to take a second to remind you of one crucial point. Regardless of what you believe in and praise this weekend, or otherwise, Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, Jehoba, Joseph Smith, Flying Spaghetti Monster, or Festivus... the lowest common denominator for all holy ones, is the beard. It always was the beard, and it always will. 

How fast we forget the proximity of our prophets, if anything just in physical appearance... which is a skip and a hop from a state of mind... and focus on the philosophical and dogmatic differences.

Beards of the world, unite!



Happy World Water Day earthlings!

On this day you need to kiss a beardo, every beardo that you see. why? Well, first of why not dont be such a prude, but also because they are saving the world, by not shaving, one gallon of water at a time. Think back to last year's World Environment Day, when Budweiser encouraged men across America to grow a beard and save a million gallons of water.

The company did this after a dry run (har har har) internally. The year prior 1,200 employees skipped shaving for one week, saving about 42,000 gallons of water. Taking into account that the average shave uses 3-10 gallons of water growing a beard and throwing away your razors is some of the greenest activity you can do today, or any day.



Pi = Beard


Nobody knows how pi was discovered. What we do know that pi has been known for over thousands years.

It is possible that it was the Babylonians in 2000 BC who used 3 1/4 as an approximation to pi, or the Egyptians, who used 256/81... History teaches us that the first mathematician to calculate pi with reasonable accuracy was Archimedes, around 250 BC; then when Newton and Leibnitz developed calculus in the late seventeenth century, more formulas were discovered that could be used to compute pi.

The connection between all of them? Beards, beards, beards, and beards. (Editor's note: Newton and Leibnitz wished they had beards, and wore their wigs on their heads and not chins)

Babylonians: NebuchadnezzarAncient EgyptiansArchimedes


Justin Street: Bearded Biz Development 

Last night, while at The Salt Lick in Austin, I overheard someone referencing my colleague as a "bearded sex panther." This prompted me to take a good hard look at Justin Street's facial fuzz and decided it was time to feature him on BaB.  

He works at SoundCloud. He has a kick-ass beard. His life rocks. Any questions?

(Photo: Justin in his natural beer & bbq habitat



@SteveCarell's 'Hairy' Entrance

Steve Carell is on twitter! And his picture is mustached... even if it's not a beard, and totally fake, it is black and white and exquisitely old school, so we love it. Welcome to 2006 Steve, come on in the water is warm.


Lower Taxes, Beards and a Movement for the Ages

By Dr. Aaron Perlut

When the Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776, Americans understood that we were endowed by our creators with inherent and inalienable rights; among them being life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We were also afforded a freedom from unfair taxation, and with this in mind, on President’s Day 2012 theAmerican Mustache Institute launched the most important tax-mitigation initiative since the founding fathers created our system of government.

It’s called the “Million Mustache March,” which you can learn more about at It aims to support of the proposed Stimulus to Allow Critical Hair Expense Act – legislation conceived by noted tax policy professor Dr. John Yeutter. If  adopted, it would provide an annual $250 tax refund to people of facial hair for expenditures on mustache grooming supplies in the determination of Adjusted Gross Income.

Here’s how you can support this very important movement:

· Visit where you can add a past presidential mustache to a Facebook photo;

· Or, Join the American Mustache Institute in Washington, D.C., on April 1 for a physical march of one million

Mustached Americans from the U.S. Capitol to the White House.

To show their support of our people, for each person who participates – either on Facebook or in the March – H&R Block will make a contribution to Millions From One, which delivers clean drinking water to those who cannot obtain it themselves. 

Why is this so important?

Facial hair and government have not been easy partners. There have been only nine U.S. presidents with facial hair – none since William Howard Taft. There has not even been a Mustached American major party candidate for President since Thomas E. Dewey in 1948. There are currently just 34 people of facial hair in the U.S. House of Representatives, only North Dakota’s John Hoeven in the U.S. Senate, and 26 states without facial hair representation.

Despite these statistics, America has always relied on people of facial hair to improve good looks, as it’s been proven that having a beard or mustache increases handsomeness by 38 percent. 

But those good looks came at a cost – in the form of American-made facial hair grooming products like beard and mustache trimmers, hair dyes, dynamite and mayonnaise.

Therefore, given the clear link between the growing and maintenance of mustaches and not only good looks but, according to studies, incremental income, it appears clear that mustache maintenance costs qualify for and should be considered as a deductible expense related to the production of income under Internal Revenue Code Section 212.

Hence, the STACHE Act.

So we ask you today – American taxpayers and brothers in facial hair – don’t disregard the interests nor intentions of the founding fathers.

Join us for the most important movement in the history of movements. Help ensure for the fair taxation of our people, and at the same time, help deliver clean drinking water to those who cannot obtain it themselves.


About the Author: Dr. Aaron Perlut is the chairman of the American Mustache Institute and considered one of the three most good looking men in Western civilization.