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Future Interview Request

Build-A-Beard is putting out a formal request. We want to sit down over some cold PBR's and interview Zach Galifianakis' beard. Have his stubble call ours. K, thanks.


Horses with beards

Band of Horses?

More like Band of Beards.

(at the very least, you know that if your truck breaks down in...the Savannah wasteland?...these dudes will assist you should you have beard needs.)

The bearded horse approves.


Welcome to Build-A-Beard

Build-A-Beard here, coming at you live from the untamed scruff and beard-growing ventures of fellow New Yorkers and beyond! The point of this blog is simple: we are scouting facial hair around the country and posting the best dirty, hipster, iconic, beards (and mustaches - we cannot forget about Paul Banks) America has to offer. And you - you can upload your findings as well. See a real d-bag out one night with an unruly beard down to his nips? Send it to us. We want to hear from fellow beard hunters!

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