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The Simpsons Do Competitive Bearding

As you saw here first... well, not here, but on our Tumblr page... and technically not on there either, because you saw it on TV first last night.

Either way, for your general monday blues fix, here's the FULL episode of yesterday's The Simpsons where at one point Moe is asked to judge an outrageous beard contest... this is a good sign for my chances heading into the National Championships in Bend, Oregon on June 5th. If Moe can be a judge, then I can be a winner!

P.S. Yes, we think this means we -- the beardo nation collectively -- have made it... now, let's stay on top, Go Beard or Go Home!

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Burying a comment because I just discovered I can make a Login for the site. WIN

March 15, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHokieBill

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