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Build-A-Beard recognizes those who display a commitment to the excellence of facial hair growing whether fully maintained, trimmed daily, or free flowing.  We embrace beards, 'staches, goatee styles, flavor savors, soul patches, chin straps, mutton chops, and any form of facial fuzz creativity.  Build-A-Beard realizes the courage to make the decision to grow  - to forever put down the scissors and razors - a challenge not only to your character, but a test of will against a society who might not fully understand your DIY artistic expression.  
Throughout history, men with facial hair have been ascribed various attributes such as wisdom and knowledge, sexual virility, masculinity, or high social status. Conversely, hair growers are also associated with hipsters, filthiness, vagrancy and/or intense crudeness.  The question is not why should I grow a beard?  But rather, why not grow one?  Gone are the days of smooth sailing, baby faces.  Embrace the ruggedness of your stubble face - it's an art form to be admired, studied, and carefully considered. Growing and grooming takes little attention, but a lot of dedication and practice.  
Go beard or go home!   
Co-founder, Build-A-Beard

I can't grow a beard, but I can scout 'em... The idea for B-A-B came when I was admiring Paul Bank's new band, Julian Plenti, at the Guggenheim. I found myself in a sea of bearded (and bored... they didn't even play 'Games for Days' wtf!) hipsters.  To amuse myself, I started picking out the "best beards of the night."  The next morning, I ran the idea past El Beardo, and voilà - Build-A-Beard. 


Co-founder, Build-A-Beard
As a true Corporate Beardo, I got the beard and skills to #proveit...
 B-A-B, for me, is a home for self expression, freedom, and hairy observation of society. I thank my lucky stars the day Riss approached me with this idea, coupling her awesomeness and my hyperactivity we've rewritten history of the internet, the web as well as the cyberspace.

Turn on, tune in, grow it out...